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My Latest Spiritual Awakening is well underway and doing well.


Things have been busy these past few days since I have started this site. I have finally got some time to play with this and I am trying to see how I can add a photo. Hummm.

OK, this is a picture I took of my yard a couple of weeks ago before the leaves started turning colors. Yesterday I noticed the tree has turned yellow which is something I never noticed before, I have only seen it go to red. I am wondering if it is going to turn red this year. I am going to try to get a picture today of the yellow leaves and the new firewood I had stacked there last night by a man named Shayne. I got in touch with Shayne by running an ad on craigslist for the electric typewriter I bought 20 years ago to apply for the mortgage for this house. I did a nice write up and Shayne called me about an hour later. I was busy all day and it was dark-thirty when he and his pregnant wife came over. When Shayne called me early in the morning when I wrote the post, he sounded one way, by mid morning, his voice sounded much different. I thought it was a different person. When he came over that night, I could smell the alcohol 20 feet away from him, he was functionally loaded. I told him on the phone I would pay him to move a pile of firewood from the front of the house to the back and stack it. As it turns out, he had experience with it. He told me an old woman ripped him and his then pregnant wife off stacking 10 cords of wood in 90 degree heat and only gave them $100,00. He said he got $100.00 1/2 cord, (I had a full cord) so I asked how much he wanted to move this pile and stack it. We settled on $50.00. He did a nice job quickly and his wife went down the basement and pick out some children's books for when there child is born. We talked a little more and he went on his way. He wanted to do more work for me but I told him he was a little expensive and what I didn't say is I don't want a drunk doing dangerous work around my house. I got a line on another handy man called Dave I will be hooking up with the beginning of next week that I think will be very good for me. I have a number of things to do around the house before the cold weather and my physical condition is such it is not easy for me to carry them out. More on that another time.

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