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I like the new app for my phone


I just downloaded an app for my I phone and took a photo and it said it went to this site, Let me see if I can get it here.

Humm, that was easy. This is going to be fun. I can do videos too. Wow. I can't wait for the main part of the day to start. Wow.

It is 6:64am and just past dawn. I will talk about what has been going on with these people I have met and been helping these past few days. I have been cleaning out my house. I was on the kitchen cabinets a few days ago and I came up with about 6 or 7 trash bags full of stuff I did not want. Pots, pans, Tupperware, drawer things, just about everything a kitchen might have. I wrote it up as an "Apartment Starter Kit" and wrote down a description and took photos of everything neatly displayed. I got responses right away. The one man, I forget his name said he wanted it and made arrangements to come over the following morning to pick it up. I asked on the ad not to be called before 6am or after 9pm. About 10pm that night I got a call from a woman named Jenifer. She had just left her abusive husband and she said she did not have much. She was also looking for a box spring for a twin bed for her 5 year old autistic son that she did not want sleeping close to the floor. I told her I already promised my stuff to someone else but I would keep her info and if he did not want some of it, she could have it. When the man called back and I told him about Jenifer's story, he said he was not bad off and she could have it.

Side note,"Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morning, sailor's take warning." I got a kind of pink sky going on here so we got a little weather moving in.

As it turns out, I wrote Jenifer's phone number down wrong and I could not contact her. I tried 411 but nothing was listed. I had her address and brought it over there with a card. Let me see if I can get that from my documents...

7:12am I don't know how to do that, but I do know now that I can take a picture of the cards and letters I make and get them on here very easily.

Colleen just got up from bed. I think I will greet her.

7:24am So I had her apartment address and my Son Michael and I took my truck over to Cohoes and went up to the 2nd floor door and knocked on the door. There was no answer. I wasn't entirely sure I had the right apartment but decided to leave the stuff there with the card stating that if I could be of any further assistance to contact me. I didn't know where that was going to lead me.

That was the 18th and it turns out she got arrested that night and I got a call I think the next day from her mother Sandra who is now taking care of the kids which I found out includes an 11 year old boy. She called to ask if I could do anything to bail her out of jail. At first I said no. Later, I think the next day Sharon called me back and asked if I could get her some meat. That is when I found out there was 2 kids. She said she was not going to get any money til the 26th and they were out of food. It was late in the afternoon and I called a couple of food pantries and left messages for which I still have got not answer from. That night I made a list with Sharon over the phone of things she wanted for food and went to Hannaford and picked it up and brought it to her. I also took some food from my house that I got on sale. The cost was about $50.00. She was very happy to get it and I was happy to give it. She also asked me for $5.00 for personal things -pads she said, I didn't have anything less than a 20 so I told her to make that last. She does smoke cigarettes and says she only smokes about 7/day. She had money for that.

Then I got interested in Jenifer's charges and bailing her out. My only concern is she makes her court dates so I get my bail money back. I am not getting much interest at the bank, so I don't mind it sitting in a government office for a while.

Long story short, yesterday was all about running around trying to bail Jenifer out of jail. She had a $10,000.00 bail I paid at Albany County Jail she got for stealing someones credit cards in Watervliet. When they ran her for warrants to let her out of jail, she came up in Albany City Court and they were on there way up to bring her back down there. As it turns out, I am not sure of the charge coming from there but it is another big one and this time a bondsman is going to take it for $500.00 which we had to run around for yesterday to get from Sharon's Son-in-law. After we take care of that today, there is something in Troy, we will find out what to do with that as it comes up.

Right now at 8:07am I have 2 people in route coming over to pick-up things I posted on craigslist last night and this morning. The black lights were something I had in the room downstairs to try to recreate my youth at one time. I was running a little manic, about the turn of the century. I was going to put a tattoo shop in there and make money doing that. Only problem was I didn't have any training in tattooing and didn't have the means to attract clients to myself. There have been a few bushiness's I have done like that. More about them at a later time.


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