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I don't really understand what just happen trying to post that poker picture...

(continued from last post)So the picture is on the back of the jacket my mother won and thought of me. It is my color, I always where black jeans with a black shirt with a print of some sort on it. The heft of the jacket is just right for the upcoming weather we are going to get and it fits me just right. She got offered $50.00 for it by someone that she turned down and she could have taken some other prizes instead, but she thought about me. The only difference in the Royal Flush shown on the jacket and hers is hers was in "hearts" and she beat out someone with 4 aces with a king kicker. This was my mother's 27th career royal flush gambling at casino's. As it turns out, I had something for her that she needed too,. I am switching from SweetLeaf stevia sweetener packets to a dropper bottle because I use so much of it everyday in my ice tea I drink all day and night. The SweetLeaf is all pure, nothing added in processing like Truvia which processes with alcohol and other things. I found the drops to be cheaper for me, about $.09 per glass of tea the way I like it. The SweetLeaf powder is about nearly 3 times the price and produces much more foil waste from the packets. I had just restocked the Sweet leaf with 5 boxes of 70 packets, so 420 packets for my mother. I also gave her a bottle of the drop stevia sweetner I had bought 3 of that is another 576 servings. So my mother thinks she will only use one serving at a time, so she will have around 1000 servings of sweetener that is good for her in that it don't raise her hypoglycemic index when she uses it like the other artificial sweeteners do. I wanted to get her on it and I thought I was going to have a hard time to get her on it. Turns out it was easy and I got a fall and spring jacket for myself.

After we paid the bond in city court in Albany, we had to drive to Colonie to the Albany County Jail to get (2nd day trying, the day before I set bail for 10k on Watervliet charges) Jenifer out of jail. It was nice and sunny til we got there and then once we gave the paper work and went to go outside to wait in the parking lot for her to come out of the gate it started to rain. We waited over an hour and then a guard came by to tell me Jenifer was flagged for a warrant out of Troy and that Troy police where on there way up to get her and take her in front of that judge. I dropped off Sandy back in Cohoes and came back home. I did a couple of things here and then got a call to p/u Jenifer in downtown Troy and make it to probation for 4:pm. The judge considered the 2 other bails and let her off with just an appearance date. So I took her home. On the way I stopped at my house and picked up a "smoker's cleans" 30 kit I had bought for Colleen's sister Patty that she never picked up and I only have 30 days to return it to Amazon for a return. Jenifer hasn't smoked since the 18th and she wants to stop so I gave it to her. I dropped her off for an emotional reunion with Sandy in front of her apartment and I went home.

This week end I would like to get the dryers exchanged, the TV set, a trip to Bruswick Walmart, leaves cleaned up in my yard and maybe start transferring some of the 60+ hours of 30+ years of video tape to computer and DVD for all the people involved. Colleen is going to her friend's Terry's house and staying overnight doing something for her upcoming October 24th 60th birthday. We shall she what unfolds.

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