• 12:20am Saturday

Jenifer finally got out of jail and reported to probation for 4:pm

This is what the tree in my back yard looked like Friday morning. The red sky (kind of pink) proved to be an accurate forecast for the day. 2 of the 3 people came over for the craiglist stuff. The guy for the car speaker and the guy for the black lights got here about the same time. The woman, Hope, never showed or called for the 18 square feet of gunstock lament flooring I have. Someone is going to call back tomorrow for that. I picked up Sandy, Jenifer's Mom in Cohoes to drive down to Albany City Court for 11:am to meet the bondsman and get the paper work to get Jenifer bonded out. Sandy got $500.00 from someone and it turned out to only be $460.00. Because I own a house, I signed the papers guaranteeing the $5000.00 bond. I am now $15,000.00 into seeing that Jenifer makes all her court dates till this situation is cleared up. The weather was beautiful all morning. My mother called before I had to leave for Albany and she wanted to drop me off a gambling jacket she won for getting a Royal Flush in a poker game at Foxwoods Casino she likes to go to every week. Let me see if I can get a picture of it here...

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