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Colleen got her cake and ate it too

Before I get into what happen yesterday, I want to cover some medical currents and histories with me. I will be having an appointment with Dr. Naz next Wednesday and I am going to invite her to research my behavior and history I include on this site. Tonight is the first night I did not take my night time meds. I was up early yesterday morning, about 3:30am if I remember correctly and got ready to P/U Jennifer in Cohoes to get to Albany City Court for what I wanted to be no later than 8:45am. Colleen went along and I sat in the back and let them two talk and get to know each other. More on all that another time. We got back before noon and I started in on baking Colleen her cake while she watched TV in the living room. Between stopping at the store on the way home and then another run for missing things mid way thru, I got the cake done about 3:00pm or so. I only had some ice tea and 2 soylents up until that point in the day. I had some cake which was made with whip cream frosting. I don't usually eat cake because I don't like real sweet frosting but I enjoyed this cake. I had a groupon for Smith's restaurant in Cohoes lined up to take Colleen out to dinner and about 5:30pm we headed over there. My back was really hurting from standing up all that time baking. The place had a big fireplace and we sat with my back slanted towards the heat, it felt good. I decided to eat off my diet for the occasion. I ordered the sausage and peppers with a spinach salad with blue cheese dressing. Rolls came out hot from the oven and I ate two good size ones with quite a bit of butter. I finished the salad which had raw onions, cooked bacon, fried croutons and mushrooms. I would say there was about 3 ounces of dressing. When the entry came out, I was disappointed. It was made with ziti and red tomato sauce. I didn't really want the ziti and was not interested in eating big carbos, and I don't like tomato sauce for the most part. There was only 2 strips of pepper I could find which is something I did want to eat. I had a few cut up pieces of sausage and packed the rest up to take with us when we left. What I noticed about the day was I drank much less liquids, ate more dairy and carbs that caused my weight to go up 2 pounds. A little while ago when I first got up, I had a bowl movement that was rather larger than regular and wiped with a single sweep. That was followed about an hour later by a medium size, loose but not watery dark brown bowl movement that had a strong odor and took several wipes to clean. That was the dairy and carb movement.

So anyway when we got back home last night we watched the local and world news like we like to do every night after I did the remaining dishes from the baking and straighten up the house. Colleen got a light colored load of laundry on which caught up the laundry to current. After the news we got ready for our hot tub routine. The outside temperature was about 47 and the tub was 104. The jets on my lower back felt especially good and we stayed for the 15 minute timed cycle. I have found that @ 104, more time than that in the tub leads to nausea. We came in the house and I got deodorant, fresh underwear and t shirt on for the next day. I find that a daily tub treatment is all that is need for regular personal hygiene. I get in and the 104 degree water loosens up any shedding skin of the day and when I get out and dry off, it goes into the towel. The tub is 500 gallons with a silver impregnated filter which aids in killing bacteria. It also has an ozonator (spelling) which helps purify the water. After each use I add 2 TBS of chlorine shock which immediately kills off any live bacteria our bodies may have given off and it wear off before the next use so it is not irritating next tub session. Every week I add 2 TSP of chlorine stabilizer which keeps a small amount of chlorine available in the water. Once a week I check for hardness, ph calcium which don't change much but effect the way the other chemicals work and need to be in a good range. I also add (3) 1/8 TSPs of a water purifier which causes all the solids in the water to clump together and be picked up by the filters. This keeps the water crystal clear and is enjoyable to approach each night. The filters are a monthly maintenance thing. It requires the taking off of the 2 screw in filters and using a power spray like from a garden hose, clean off the outside of the filters. Then in a 5 gallon bucket I mix up a caustic solution in water that I soak the filters in overnight. This looses up any biological material like skin cells and body oils. Then power wash them again to remove what was loosened up from the filter. They suggest to let them dry before reinstalling them, but I have skipped that step with no problems so far. It is not that much work to keep the tub. I am finding out that is cost about $17.00 per month so far in electricity to keep it at 104. I suppose that will go up some with the colder weather. That is about the same amount we pay in gas to have hot water for showers, laundry, dishes ect. Hot water is one of the cheapest luxury's of the modern world. I was born into a cold water flat and I knew someone in high school that still lived in one. Now it is law to have running hot water. Our society is moving forward in many good ways. Back to last night.

I came into the office where I tied up some loose ends of the day and Colleen joined me with the TV over the computer monitor to watch our political shows we have been following during the elections. I was done with the computer so I invited Colleen to switch seats with me and check her facebook for birthday wishes. She started to go into everything on facebook and I was feeling tired. I thought I would lay down in the living room on the recliner and rest for a while. I thought of the using the meditation CD because the DVD/CD player had come in that day and I could now use it. I did not feel like setting it up just then so I just laid down and covered up with a blanket. I had my night time meds in a dish ready to take for 10:00pm but it was not time yet so I did not take them. The next thing I knew, it was 12:30am and I woke up after dreaming vividly about taking advantage of lower class cultures. I can't go into it here, it is hard to explain it further, more about my dreams another time.

The thing is I did not take my night meds, got restful sleep and I am awake feeling peaceful and serine. I am going to stop the night time meds and see how it goes. I was only taking them to keep me from going into a mania and helping me stay asleep when I wanted to sleep all night. I don't want to sleep all night now, this is the peaceful quiet time of day. All the people are resting and I can focus on writing and other personal projects. The meds have side effects I don't like anyway and I would like to avoid them if I can. If I find myself getting into manic behavior, I will do something about it. I don't want the problems that brings. I said to Colleen, "Do you see any manic behaviors around here?" She said yes because I bailed out Jennifer. I said that was my intuition and doing a good deed to put in the bank of "paying it forward." I reminded her of a quote by Helen Keller I read this week, "Life is a grand adventure, or nothing." I agree.

3:30am I just had another bowl movement of rather loose dark brown with a slightly strong odor on the larger size for my bowl movements. It took 5 wipes to clean with good toilet paper (I use angel soft). If it is that hard to clean on the outside, I can only imagine what is being left behind in my bowels. Too much dairy, meat and carbs are not good. At this time of day I have drank 1 soylent, 1 decaffeinated 14oz green tea and I am on my 3rd 14oz caffeinated black tea. I am beginning to flush my system as I am beginning to urinate after 3 hours of hydrating. I took my main pain med dose at 3:00am and my back feels fine.

I want to talk more about when I went to 400 pounds in June of '13. The doctor said I was "third spacing" my bodily fluids. They where not in my blood, they were stuck in my tissues. One doctor wanted to put me on a diuretic but since I was just coming out of near kidney failure, that route was not chosen. It took about 3 months for that 100 pounds to come off. At one point, a large portion dropped, like 30 pounds in 2 weeks. That is nearly 4 gallons of water. Imagine that on your body somewhere. Like I said already, I could not reach my anus to wipe myself my ass was so big. It was also during this time that I was given a overnight sleep study at the VA to see if I had sleep apnea. At the time, I did. I was found that I stopped breathing over 50 times in 90 minutes and I was issued a sleep apnea machine. You can died from this condition, my father had it and did not get treated. He would do it much more when he drank alcohol. I used the machine a few times, but once the water came off, I did not feel I needed it anymore. I have been asking Colleen how I have been sleeping lately, specifically snoring and she says I am not. She also did not mention I am stopping breathing in my sleep lately. So these are good signs also. I am in good health in many ways.

Now a few words on caffeine use. I am using a good amount of caffeine these past few weeks. I am drinking it in my black ice tea and some comes in the meal replacement soylent I have been using. Soylent also contains I-theanine which is another kind of tea believed to have many good qualities such as a mild stimulant while also being an anti anxiety agent. Soylent contains protein, clean carbohydrates and oils as a meal replacement at 400 calories. I am on my 2nd bottle at 4:00am. It cost under $3.00 per bottle including shipping to my home. It comes in a recyclable container that is convenient to use and return to the environment. I want to use this and fruits, vegetables and nuts for fiber to help me reduce my weight. I have decided to stop the ice cream altogether. There is 5 more containers in the freezer and Colleen wants to slowly finish them off and get away from it too. Her weight has increased in recent years too and she wants to do some reducing. I think it is essential in my age group to be on the leaner side. I seen a man last night at Smith's who was there for his 69th birthday and he looked great, better than me.

So I have the caffeine up until the evening hours when I switch to green tea so I can get my main rest period in before the wee hours of the morning when I can focus my best without regular life distractions that happen all day. As long as I can get my rest, I don't see any problem using the caffeine as much as I have been. Again, I will evaluate things as I go along. I am going to post this and take a break.

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