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Enter Wednesday, midweek and it seems I just started off this week

OK, I am ready to get some work done here. I have straightened up the house, ate, meditated, did some shopping on amazon for another meditation CD and long sleeve shirts to go under my short sleeve T shirts. I was going along earlier on my blog while we watched/listened to the evening shows. I was feeling the need to get some rest. We moved into the living room and I set up the new CD/DVD player on the end stand on the far end of the sofa. I did not read the paper that came with it, I just plugged in the power supply, pulled out the cardboard insert in the disk area and put in the disk. It came with a remote which I could not seem to get to work anything. I found a small slide on/off switch on the side and turned it on. The screen illuminated with some text and the CD started. I turned it off and went back to the recliner because Colleen had the TV on. I reclined back and she got a blanket for me. I went into a dream of buying some beer at a store, a big can and a small can. I had $20.00 and it was just enough to cover it. The dream went on to other things and I came back to the room. I asked Colleen to turn on the player when she went to bed and I told her how. She was going to watch another show but decided not to. She started the CD and before long it had stopped playing. I don't know if I listened to the whole thing or not, there is 13 sections. I need to play with the remote some more. I have decided to get the morning and evening meditation CD. It will be good to incorporate more gratitude in my day. I feel I will get much more good out of these guided meditations than to just let myself drift into old thoughts ect. while I rest. I really like listening to Louise's voice, she is so supportive. She just turned 90 years old last week. Enough said.

I weighed in at an even 300 pounds a little while ago. I lost 1 pound from this time yesterday. Perfect. Along with everything I already stated I ate yesterday, I had the rest of the sausage out of the meal I took home yesterday. I drank everything I already stated for yesterday including (10) 14 ounce caffeinated ice tea's. I never got on to green tea's yesterday, so I just keep on with the caffeinated black tea. I like the idea of having a banana with the soylent every 6 hours. I passed good, light yellow low odor urine at a rate much less than I took in drinking. There was no emergency bathroom affairs. Between that and other things I may have during the day and all my supplements I take, I don't think I will have a health/nutritional problem with this diet I am putting together. There is plenty of fiber in bananas along with other good things from the jungle. I think it is a modern blessing we can walk into nearly any super market on any given day and get a ripe fruit from a tree thousands of miles away for about $.18. It is a beautiful thing. As far as rest went yesterday, I had what I had before I worked all night/morning and the rest I had in the afternoon. I think for today so far, I rested for less than a hour. I am going with it. If I feel I need to rest, I will rest. I don't believe I need to have extended hours of rest. We will simply see how it goes.

So more about peeing stories. There is a lot to be said about peeing. I have always wanted to pee on things for some reason. I remember when I was about 12 or 13 I would say, I was trick or treating with Mark Seguin. We knocked on the door of an apartment that was in an inside hall of a home on the hill in Cohoes. The door came open and no one was home. We went in and I had the feeling I wanted to do something to the place. I did not break anything and I forget what Mark did, but I peed all over their cabinets and floor. We left without further incident. I did a lot with Mark Seguin, more on him later. Louise says in her book that bed wetting comes from a fear of a parent, usually the father. There is a lot of times I have felt like peeing on certain things and people. I can remember one time when I was a teenager about a mile up the railroad tracks away from any road, I don't remember who I was with, but there was after dark and Chuck Jacques was passed out drunk on his back about 50 feet into the woods off the tracks with his mouth wide open. Timmy VanSleet stood over him laughing while he peed into his mouth. He could have drowned him. Just after that I took his sneakers off and threw them to the other side of the tracks. I don't remember how long I was there, but 2 ambulance people showed up with a stretcher they got up the tracks somehow along with Chuck's father who was very concerned about him and his sneakers. They wheeled him about a mile down the tracks to the ambulance, I don't know who called them, but death was near for sure.

Another peeing story that comes to mind is the night I wrecked my '69 buick special coming down Hoosick Street in Troy. The year was 1984, the first summer I owned the apartment building in the inner city of Troy.

Somehow I got wind of a college party happening about a mile north of where I was living. I was planning on drinking a lot and I walked down there. The night went on and there was stupid drinking games that left this one guy pretty loaded laying against the wall in the corner of the room. There wasn't a lot of people left at this point, and one of the people there took advantage of the drunk guy and started peeing on him. I did not intervene, I just felt disgusted and left. It was not the good time I thought I was going to have and the drinking game left me a little more loaded than I would have enjoyed to be. I remember the slate sidewalk had been heaved from the freezing and thawing and I was having trouble going up and down the elevation. On the way back, I stopped at the store to get a gallon of milk I remember we needed. I carried it back with me til I got kitty corner to the building I owned. I was standing in front of the bar that was there looking at the building I just got and was working on so much. I thought how great of an investment it was. I squatted down as I thought that and feel back on my ass to the pavement. I suddenly got hungry. Instead of going into my apartment and making something to eat, I had the keys to the car with me and I put the milk in the front seat and headed south towards downtown Troy. I thought I should stay away from the brighter lights of downtown, and I thought of a Red Barn that was on the right side of the road heading east on Rt 7 Hoosick St going up and out of the Hudson Valley. It was a climb of about a 3 mile grade and the Red Barn was about 1/3 of the way up on the south side of the road. I was looking for it and missed it as I came to the top of the valley where it levels off. I turned around and headed back down this time looking on my left to see if it was open. There are many traffic lights and turn-offs to streets without lights on them. One car was waiting to make a left hand turn and I did not see him in time because I was looking left for the Red Barn. When I noticed him it was too late. I locked up my brakes and my left rear end began to drift into the oncoming traffic. A car coming up the valley hit me in my left rear quarter about the same time I slammed into the back of the car waiting to make the left hand turn off of Hoosick St. The front hood of my car crinkled up and the back of the car I hit collapsed popping the rear window out and into the air in a shower of glass. I wasn't even sure I got hit from the car going up. I tried to open up my door but it was pushed back and would only open a little bit enough for me to get out. I asked through the open back window if the driver was alright and he said he was a hockey player for RPI college and he has been hurt worse before. I thought I got to get my car off the road before I get hit again. I got back in my car and there was no place to pull off the road. There were curbs and sidewalks, that's it. I was rolling down the street and decided to just keep going. The charging indicator light was on and I was wondering how far I could drive before I lost the charge of the battery that was damaged in the impact. I rolled down the hill going thru red lights and I slowly made it home a few miles away. I parked it on a lot that came with the property off street and left the milk in it. I got scared and went down in the cellar and planned on hiding from the police if they came looking for me. At first I was going to hide the car in the garage I had. I went in there and I was throwing stuff from one side to the other but there was too much stuff to move in time so I parked it on the lot near the building. The cops came, took pictures of the car, towed it away and I later found out tested the milk I had bought. The next day I did not know what to do. I started calling attorneys and I think for $70.00 I met with an attorney who told me if no one got hurt, it was leaving the scene of incident. If someone got hurt, it was leaving the scene of an accident which was a more harsher crime. I found out where the car was towed to and called them up and asked if I could get it. They said yes, come down and get it. When I did, they said it would be a couple of minutes to move some other cars around. They called the cops and I was taken down the police station and given a ticket for leaving the scene of an incident. I am lucky I hit a hockey player, he was hurt but did not mind it. He later thanked me because he wanted to get rid of that car and I helped him not only get rid of it, but get paid well. Win win. When I went in front of the judge for the ticket, I told him I had crapped my pants and was embarrassed about it. I had to say that over a microphone. The judge said he could hit me hard for this but he was going to let me go with a fine of $60.00. I had a lot of work in that car, and it would just be the ongoing loses I would give to drinking and driving. It was not just quite a bit of money for me at the time, but it was a lot of my time in that car -TLC. So that was another pee story that came to mind. After I got sick in '13, gained the weight, lost most of it, I started having trouble with emergency pees. I had just got my decision on my disability benefits with the VA and got a check for 8 years back pay. One of the things I did with the money was get a new truck. I bought a 2012 around the end of that year. I was driving it around a lot. I was noticing I would have to go pee quickly at times and sometimes I did not have time to get to a bathroom. I started to pee in that truck quite a bit. It had leather seat that had ventilation holes for a fan to blow air in the warmer weather. The pee was getting into the seat material. It did not stink, only very rarely I noticed. I would do everything I could to get to a bathroom in time back then but I had accidents. I already told the story how that truck went away. I should note I had a bowel movement at 3:15am. It was not loose and not firm. It took a few wipes to clean but I am going to stay with the diet and see how it goes. I am feeling a tired spell coming over me. This could mean something significant is going to happen or I just may be better off to get some rest. I think I will do the ladder.

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