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It snowed in more than one way today

It was the first snow fall of the season today, it got a little heavier than shown in this picture before it stopped and by the time I got ready for the tub routine, it was raining and I did not want to clear the deck undressed so I skipped it tonight. The computer was down all night and most of the day because of malware that got in when I ordered a program from Advanced Tech Support. Colleen ran scans all night and got up at 4:30am and started going over suspected programs on the computer. By the end of the day it was back up and running like new.

10:40pm I just got back up from a rest with the meditation CD. I was not feeling right as much as I wanted to get to the blog after the long wait. I rested a little over an hour and only remember coming out to the CD once. I had a dream I was going away, perhaps in the military. I was not going to pack any cloths, I needed cigarettes (I quit in July of 2009) and I was taking somebody with me in my pickup truck. I was going to get more cloths where I was going and then wear the ones I was wearing to there back when I came home. There was more to it but it has faded now.

I have had several rest periods today. Getting the computer infested bothered me, I felt molested by the whole affair and I am going to send Moya Robison a card suggesting she put her efforts into things that assist people rather than harm them. I want to give her something to think about. I was ready to fall for the whole thing of having them remote access my computer to get it running back to normal after they are the ones who placed the malware on my computer in the first place. It would have cost hundreds of dollars and been had ongoing fees if I did. Colleen kept me from falling for it and she did most of the work to get the computer back in working order today. It took from late last night to late this afternoon before we got done running all the scans and taking out suspect programs and reinstalling the printer ect. The computer is fine now. I felt like I needed more rest during the period when I felt betrayed. I was going into nodding out's and went to rest several times today. I am still not feeling 100% after all this. Maybe I will just work on something else for awhile. Since the computer is back 100%, I trust leaving this page reduced standing by.

12:42am going to rest again. 1:34am I am feeling rested again. I came back to the CD going at 1:29am, about 11 mins from the end. I am thinking of finding an address for Louise Hay and sending her a belated birthday card.

3:00am I looked on one of her web sites and found a free download of power thoughts to listen to while I write here. I made her up a card and it is ready to be mailed. Now I want to look into my weight which I just checked a little while ago. It was 302.0, .08 up from when I started reducing 6 days ago. I have been taking 4 soylents a day, about 1600 calories. I am having other things as well as that, perhaps another 1000 calories. Maybe that is too much. I think I will drop to 2 soylents per day. I feel like I am tired again. I am going to lay down.

4:40AM I did the meditation CD again. I had a dream I was installing a space heater on a wall in a entrance hall. There was a location that already had a vent hole and gas supply line a few feet to the right of where I was installing it this time. I was thinking I am going to be using more materials to reach to original installation point but went with the new location anyway. I was also dreaming I was buying laundry detergent for someone who already just got a big container of it the other day. The new very large and big investment but good value container I was thinking is too much for now and to just go with the container they already have. Then there was another dream of a guy who use to be in the military as a solder of fortune or something. He was older now but still ready to give an attack if he had to or the opportunity arsed.

So I am going to cut down to 2 soylents a day, still having them every 6 hours, but only 1/2 bottle at a time. I am going to have a banana at the 6:00am feeding along with my am supplements. At noon, I have decided to have some Cole slaw for fiber and additional protein. There are many good benefits to eating cabbage. I remember reading somewhere that one of the ancient war leaders use to make sure he fed his men cabbage at least once a week because he believed it gave them special warrior properties.

I had a container of Cole slaw I made up a few weeks ago in the fridge that had quite a bit of cyan in it and I was avoiding eating it. 2 days ago I opened it up and noticed it was fermenting. I ate what was a good size bowl of it thinking it would be OK since the Korean people make up dishes using fermented cabbage. I noticed it flushed bowels out and I am no longer getting the sticky fecal matter I was earlier in the week. I made up some more Cole slaw with less cyan this time I plan on having at least once a day. I also had 2 granola nut bars yesterday when I felt a little hungry. I am eating small amounts of food that I make for others just for taste. I think all and all this diet is well balanced enough to be healthy on. I am not getting dizzy or feeling weak in anyway. I feel like I have got up to date on what I want to blog about right now. I think I will publish this and study more about what I can do with this web site. 5:28am

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