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www.thegreatleap.me was established

I have been busy with the new site www.thegreatleap.me and getting some work done around the house by a very good and very reasonably priced handyman named Dave Valo. I met Dave through Bill, the man who took so many pick-ups full of supplies and things I had in my garage from the old apartment building. I met Bill even before that from other listings I was placing under "free stuff" in craigslist as I have been cleaning house. Dave is a real blessing. He is pleasant and interesting to talk to, has all the tools he needs and can do just about anything around a home for $100.00 a day. So far I only had him for 2 half days @ $50.00 each and he did jobs that could have cost me hundreds if I had to go with a regular business with employee's, overhead and owners.

I created a new website this morning to post my poems and other writings I like. I wanted to do it here but I don't see a way. I spent most of the day posting 3 pages and I can't seem to located them. I will look into it this morning as my creative time is just starting now. I have done my tub routine, got good nutrition throughout the day and got rested up just before I sat down here. The house is all straighten up and everything is in the best order it can be for today. I have been trying out the new meditation CD I got for mornings and evenings. I did the morning one tonight. I was asleep dreaming for about 90 minutes. I feel fresh and ready for my work time. I have decided to move some supplements around for my AM work time. I am now taking the ginseng, Hornier goat blend, royal jelly and B vitamin at this time from now on instead of 6:00am. My weight has come down about a pound from this time last week when I decided to start weighing myself. I don't remember what day I decided to start reducing, but I would like to see 2-4 pounds per week of reduction in the earlier stages of the excess body fat I want to drop. I have decided to stay with the 1/2 container of soylent 4 times a day, banana at 6:00am and Cole slaw at other points during the day. I also have small amounts of other foods for taste as I cook for others ect. Let me see what I can do with the new site now.

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