• Monday 12:23am 297.0 lbs

Looks like it is going to be a great week

Well, it has been 4 days since my last head shot. I have not done more than meditating as needed for an hour or so at a time. Everything in the house is caught up including my to do list. I have started to post my poems on my other site www.thegreatleap.me and I am very happy with how that is turning out after having a very difficult night trying to figure out how to use the site. I got tired several times and had to rest each time until this morning when Colleen assisted me and got it figured out. For not having much "sleep", the whites of my eyes are clear. It looks like I will be having time to start working on converting the VCR tapes to computer this week. Tomorrow and Tuesday's schedule and to do list is completely clear. I think I will finish posting the rest of my poems on my other site tonight. I would like to learn more about expanding the use of the sites. There is a lot I can do with them that I may take advantage of. Dave the handy man is coming over Tuesday to do more work on the property. Things are really looking up. The property is getting in tip top shape, I have removed all old out of date things around the house, and I am reducing my weight sensibly. I have lost about 5 pounds this week. I think that amount will be good for a while yet then maybe slow it down to 2-3 pounds per week. I'll see how it feels as I go.

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