• 2:55am Monday

The peace of the wee hours

I decided to start with a meditation rest before I got into the rest of the morning. I was down for a little over an hour with many dreams. I seem to be going into dreams very quickly when I go out. I don't remember hearing the CD playing and time goes by very quickly. I feel fully rested when I am done. I have decided against adding the supplements to the midnight hour although I have moved some of the AM ones to the PM place. I looked over www.thegreatleap.me website on my iphone. I think it came out pretty well. I also checked out this site, it is a little harder to figure out how to use but I am still impressed. I am so happy with these sites, they are so much more than I could have thought up and so very easy to use. Well, I think I will work on the great leap site now.

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