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Only 3 groups of trick or treaters came

Well, we have 15 (now 14) Reese's cups left over from Halloween. We never get more than a few groups to our house in the 20 years we have lived here. We are set back some and the houses are kind of set far apart from each other, too much leg work.

I got some rest from about 9:30pm til 11:00pm and I am feeling pretty good so far although I do feel I am coming down from the Reese's cup I had about 30 minutes ago. I don't think I want to eat any more of them as much as I find them tasty. Tomorrow Jennifer and Sandy are suppose to come over to rake up some leaves. Dave the handy man is also coming around noon to work off a list I have for him. Wednesday is Dr. Naz and Albany Court in the morning. Lots of time to work on "the great leap" until then. I think I will do some work on that now.

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