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www.thegreatleap.me is complete

I am happy and proud to say I have got to a point with my writing website that I can say it is complete. I am thinking of adding music, but I don't have anything in mind at the moment and this is something I have been wanting to do since 1979 when I first had a spiritual awakening. This is so much better than I ever wanted. I can add to it or change it anytime I want, and it is so easy to do. I am really impressed with the website and so happy with the price of it. It might not even cost me any money as I have included a way people can donate money to the site if they want to. It is all so easy. Now that I have a little experience building the other site, I might spend some time here tonight with this one. There are several things on here that don't apply to me that I want to remove.

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