• Thursday 10:57 am

Got even more rest this morning

I just got up from another rest period of just over an hour. I had a meditation CD on that I don't recall hearing while I rested and I dreamed but don't recall about what right now. Everything is caught up around the house and on my list to do. Dave the handyman is coming over to do some things around noon, I have a meal planned for him to have before he leaves today. Today should be the last day he comes over to do things I had on my list. It looks like I am ready to spend some time on the project converting VCR tapes to computer format and making up DVD's of the people on the videos as I go along. I have at least 60 hours I think over 31 years of video tape to go through. I took these pictures of the tree out front of the house. This is the first year the leaves have gotten a little red color in them. The last couple it went yellow and the 18 before that it stayed a dark green for the most part.

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