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Medication change

Today had 3 appointments and the day went by pretty fast. The weather was nice, near 60 and sunny. The first appointment was with Dr. Naz at the VA. She asked he regular questions about any racing thoughts, my sleeping habits ect. Since I seen her last, I asked her via "my healthy vet" connection to increase my paxil from 5mg/day to 10mgs. That was back at the end of September and i was feeling a little depressed. Now that I am not depressed anymore, Dr. Naz wants me to go back down to 5mg of paxil/day. I was wondering if I needed it at all lately. When I told her I stopped taking the risperatrol, she was concerned about me going into a mania and all the problems that brings with it. I told her I was feeling very good lately but not sleeping more than a couple of hours a day all together. She wanted me on a anti-psychotic and suggested another one

to try out. 2:45am I just got up from laying down for a meditation after I started writing this. I was still feeling tired and I think I got nearly 5 hours rest tonight altogether since about 9:30pm last night. I have not slept that long in many days. It was getting to me. I was feeling a little on edge, a little short thinking, especially with Colleen. I am glad I got that rest. So I am willing to try the new medication. It will be aripiprazole 10mg/day. Also known as Abilify, it is not suppose to put weight on me light the resperitone. I will give it a try, it will come in the mail in a couple of days. I need to find my ideal amount of rest per day. Maybe I should get to sleep earlier in the evening and get up after midnight. I like the solitude of the early hours, no distractions from other people.

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