• Friday 11:32pm 298.6 lbs

Still waiting on the director

I spent a number of hours last night trying to figure out how to get my computer to read the signal coming in on the USB port from my VCR. I gave up a couple of times, took a rest, went back to it. I will try again tonight. I am also taking the new medication for the first time tonight. The meds came in from the VA today in the mail. I took 10mg of abilify and 25mg of hydroxyzine at 10:00pm. I will try this out and see how it goes. I rested a couple of times today and I feel like I got a couple of good hours in me now. The next couple of days I have are looking free to me. Colleen is going to her friend Terry's house tomorrow and staying overnight. I don't have anything planned other than to reinstall the filters to the hot tub. I did the monthly maintenance of them today. We also got the leaves cleaned up around the hot tub and out in front of the house. Well, it is time to eat again then back to work.

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