• Saturday 10:40am

A fair November morning

The leaves are cleaned up for the moment. With the help of Colleen, I figured out why I couldn't get the signal from the VCR into the USB to be identified by the computer. I was trying for hours the night before and last night I got Colleen up at 3:40am to help me figure it out before she goes to her friends house today. I just couldn't do it on my own, it made me so tired. Like trying to learn long division in 5th grade, I just couldn't get it. I could not concentrate enough to do the research on line and follow through. I ran into those people that I got involved with a few weeks ago that gave me malware and so much trouble. I can see how people just want to trust someone to help them out and that is how they get caught up in their crap. As it turns out, I just needed the soft ware for the converter I am using for changing the analog VCR signal into a digital computer signal with something called elgato. I did not know you needed to find and download software for that. Jezz, a little info would be nice with this stuff when you get it... Anyway, Colleen just left and is gone til tomorrow morning. The house is clean, the laundry is done, the cat is fed I am rested and everything on my to do list is done. It is not even noon. If I can't get some work done on the videos today, something is really wrong. I even donated to myself on both my sites this morning. I used my charity credit card account that has double cash back rewards. I gave $20.00 on each site, so the city bank actually will end up donating $.80 when all is said and done. I got my first donation. OK, lets work.

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