• Election day 9:47pm 294 lbs

Big Election Night

Well I have not posted in days, my phone app has been down and I have been busy with the video thing big time. I am doing that now while downloading a really boring(to me)passage to the computer while I also check out the election returns. I have not mentioned politics up until this point, but I have watched them very closely and I am very well informed. I don't think Trump will win. I don't think the world is moving in a direction that gives enough support to a person like Trump. I don't know how he has gotten this far and it can't last. Enough said about that, I will let the night unfold.

The VHS to computer to DVD is going much better than I thought and I am enjoying doing it very much. I have reviewed about 35 hours of video and burned nearly 300 DVD's so far. I am a mean machine at it, I am really into it.

I seen a post on google that WIX has gotten a worm of some kind that is effecting thousands of people. I hope I am not effected. I would like to get my phone app back. Well that is all for now. Back to the movie bus.

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