• 1:21am 298 lbs

Anyone looking for 300 coasters?

I just found out today that all the DVD's I have burnt up until now are no good. There is a special process you have to write in when you are burning from computer to DVD that I did not know about. So there you go, 300 coasters. I can't think of anything they are good for, I don't think they can be recycled. The cases are still good. So that is one of the things I will be working on tonight, finding the program to download to use to reburn all the DVD's again. I will write on the disk nicer this time anyway. I get better as I go along. The mistake only cost about $80.00.

I noticed my feet are swelling some and my weight is up some from a few days ago. All this time upright is taking a toll on me. As long as it don't get bad, I am not going to be too concerned about the swelling. I got my teeth cleaned today, that is always nice. I got my new Hallmark card studio program today that I am pretty excited about. I got a card I want to make for Dave the handyman who just finished up his work today. He saved me so much money and did such nice work. The card studio just got released, I have been waiting on it to come in.

I got my phone app back yesterday morning, that is nice. I can take pictures to my site again. I will upload my head shot from last Sunday and the Sunday before as I close here.

I am thinking about including the outside air temperature when I use the hot tub, maybe in the opening title with time of day and weight.

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