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Colleen's brother Tim and his kids stopped by.

Things are moving along nicely on the video project. I am making DVD's that actually work now. I had to buy a new program that cost a hundred bucks but it is simple to use and I like that. I tried playing with some free download ones with not too much luck and hit my old stand-by right hand man amazon. I love that place, so much selection and so convenient to order. I am going to ask Katherine to talk about herself. So I'm Katherine I am 17 years old, Mexican-American and I'm looking at colleges (its hard to see myself as a high school senior). My dream college is John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. I like it because it is close to home but far enough enough to be away from home. I take of my older brother Timmy who is 22 and has epilepsy, autism and hydrocephalus. I care for him a couple of hours a day.

I am also involved in Lansingburgh High Drama Club and we will be performing Hair Spray next week-end. I am a dynamite in the production. It is a story about a plus size female finding love in 1960's segregated Baltimore, MD. She's finding love with star on local dance production of the Corny Collins Show. She is fighting to get the show integrated. She meets Seaweed who is an African-american on the Corny Collin Show on cultural day. The police get involved and try to get her lose the miss hair spray pageant.

I am not looking forward to the winter but I always like spending time with family and friends.

My name is Joseph, I am just turned 13 years old September 18th. There are pro and cons to being a teenager. On one hand, your parents have more responsibilities for you and I like being older because I can do more things like going to see a PG-13 movie. I like playing video games, my favorite one is Mario on Wiiu. I like drinking Coke-o-cola, I have about small drink from Burger King every week. I am in 7th grade and I am a B+ to A- student. My favorite class is family and computer science. We treats if we are good and we get to play a fun game called khoot. It is a multiple choice game that quizzes you on your knowledge of random things in everyday life. My favorite food is nachos and I consider myself a "whiteicen" which is basically a white Mexican who can't speak Spanish.

I want to shovel people's driveways and sidewalks this winter for extra money. So if we have a winter like last year, I better rethink that.

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