• Donald L. Jannicelli

Simple and happy man

My name is Tim, Colleen's brother. I'm a quiet, single man who enjoys spending time with with my kids. I brought them over tonight for a visit with Colleen & Don. I'm a state employee with the Labor Department. I get up early to drive an elementary bus run for Troy School District and work a couple of nights with a disabled adult engaging in recreational activities. Despite how my eyes look, I have been clean and sober going on 10 years. I enjoy living a sober life. I am a shy person which sometimes makes it hard for me to meet women. I like streaming videos, shooting pool, bowling, movies and more but could stand to get out a little more. I've been out fishing this year for the first time in many years and rekindled my interest in kayaking. I plan to purchase a couple for next season. Would you like to go?

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