• Sunday 5:45 pm 294lbs.

One last investment on this project, another TV set.

One of the programs we (Colleen and I) created, at least wouldn't you know it, one program was over the 120 minute limit for what will fit on the DVD disk we are using to record on. Once you establish the program, you can't make is shorter, at least everything we tried didn't help. We tried to modify the program in Movie Maker, but we couldn't get "Express Burn Plus" to include it when it opened files to locate it. So anyway, since I had all the VHS tapes all connected into one long run, I had to go back and find the spot where I had to make another program. I only had a general idea where that was, so it is a matter of going further back than you need to go then playing it back at FF visual and wait for it to come up. The problem knew I was going to have is there was parts of the video that I did not want to put into the new recorded version. So that meant hooking up another VCR to play out of and one to record into and a monitor to see what you are doing. So about 11pm last night I ran up to the Bruswick Walmart and picked up a 24" samsung. Now the equipment is really getting built up around my desk. I may need it for other programs I am going to go back to because of the coding thing I mentioned a few days ago in which I lost 300 DVD's to not knowing. I should do a head shot today, it is Sunday. That is all for now.

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