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I think I have turned a corner

I think I have turned a corner. It is Monday morning, the beginning of a new week and I am in very good shape and ready for the coming events. I finally put together a few hours rest earlier this morning. The last week or so, I have not been able to rest at all at my will. I would nod out at my desk or other places. All that is acceptable for now if it don't happen when I am driving. I feel so good today with the rest I got this morning. What a difference.

The leaves on the tree out front came down last night with the frost we had. It is around 50 today and sunny. I was going thru my cell phone and called a man named Phil who is a good handy man for a limited range of areas. He works hard and gives it his all. He is intelligent and quite physical for his age. He asks for $8-10 per hour, I told him I will give him 10. He said he will be here around noon. Phil walks everywhere he goes, even other states. He wears shorts outside in the winter too. He recently was diagnosed with colon cancer and was on chemo therapy for a while but stopped it. He says he is getting better on his own.

Anyway, Phil painted the inside of my house a few years ago and did a nice job. There was a lot of prep work to do and the end result still looks great today. I was noticing watching the videos from the past how bad my house looked from all the time I spent smoking in it all them years I smoked. I am so glad I quit 7 years ago. What a filthy habit.

I am so pleased to have these people coming into my life to help me just when I need them the most. The weather this week is going to be great for working outside and Phil doesn't mind extreme cold anyway. I am going to ask him to organize the garage for me. All my tools and supplies that are just a mess right now. He can't do any worse than it is now. I just want to be able to look around and see what I have when I go to look for something. I think Phil will be able to do a great job on something like this.

I just bought and downloaded another program to assist me before I started to blog here. It is called VideoPad and among other things, it will be a way for me to go into an established recorded program I have made to burn dvd;'s that is too long and shorten it. Without getting into all the details, before this VideoPad, I would have to go back into my VHS archive, locate what I want to rerecord, rerecord it so it is under the 2 hour disk limit, then spend more time loading that into another tool that will do the burning of the dvd. I am just happy.

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