• Thursday 3:30am 292.4 lbs

Ahh, the power of a good rest...

Now it is 10:41am and I just spent all that time trying to figure out how to upload a video on to this site. I am glad I got some rest. I went to see Dr. Naz yesterday and she prescribed me something to help me sleep and it worked great last night. I got over 3 hours sleep at once, first time in weeks I would say. I am taking 10mg of zolpidem to get to and stay to sleep. It works for now. Well, I have to get ready to drive to Saratoga Springs to get a remote starter installed on my truck. I got a deal thru groupon for $219.00. Colleen is getting it for me for Christmas and I am getting her car done for her for Christmas. That is it for now. I should include a picture of something.

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