• Friday 6:20am 293.2 lbs

I asked Kenny not to drop in like this without calling first...

Actually I was just looking for a picture to post and took that off of the TV from the music station I listen to "music choice classic county" channel 1034 on Spectrum. It does OK for background music when I work. When I drive, I like using Pandora the Alabama station. They started Christmas songs yesterday... At least its not every song and Alabama does some really nice Christmas songs. I got Sirius for back up and if all that fails, I got some CD's in the truck I bought last year for this reason. I pay $.38 a day to have commercial free pandora and sirius music when I want it. Once a year I have to deal with Christmas songs on them. Oh well.

I took the sleeping pill again last night and it worked well. I took it about 9:30pm and laid down on the recliner not long after that. I got up about 2:am I think. I think I am going to keep taking them. I did not want to take the pill last night, I am glad I did. I like getting up early vs staying up late.

Well the sun is coming up, the house is in order, everything is caught up to do around the house. An appraiser is coming at 4pm, I got the whole day to play with this web site. This video thing can't be that hard I am sure. I just don't know what it is as usual. It is like life. You could be doing one little thing wrong that is causing the boat to be unstable and it is something simple to fix but you just can't see it right away. So you keep going along all unstable and at risk.

It has been foggy the past couple of mornings. That is how you know winter is coming. When I was in the Navy Seabees and we were in homeport in Gulfport, MS, The fog use to get real heavy before winter. Let me see if I can get some pictures I took back then...

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