• Sunday 8:17pm 293 lbs -8 pounds in 28 days

Foot prints in the freshly falling snow, 32 surprisingly refreshing degrees.

The third picture is of the snow early am today when it was heavy and wet. Tonight it is light and fluffy, pretty to look at. The second picture is of the roof near the back of the garage, very fluffy.

Well I have been hit on both sides of the road in the last few weeks. My mail box was hit a few weeks ago, I had to send away for a replacement mail box and bracket, the post was alright, it was not hit. Someone was just driving a little too close to the side of the road and caught my mail box. All I had to do was call the number inside the box and email them a picture of the style I have and they sent me the replacement parts. That was a $154.00 traffic experience. Last night before midnight, someone came up on the lawn about 12 feet, took out about 18 lawn bags full of leaves and stuck my lamp post with a sign on it. I don't know if it was kids trying to break the bags on purpose, if so, the sign was hanging about 30" in from the post towards the road about windshield level. The sign is missing, maybe mixed up in the leaves that went everywhere. If it wasn't a snow plow out early going towards the job area, the vehicle is certainly very damaged. I am going to replace the whole post and I already ordered a new custom made sign with my personal name and address on it with a wooded deer scene on it. It is 3 feet long. It is suppose to be here in 3 days. It was a pretty big site I found: LCI signs.

I got the second sign for just $68.00, I guess it don't take much to make a second one once you have the mold made up. I will put the second one on the side of the front door. I am wondering now if I can get a 3rd one made for the garage entrance which is the one I use the most. I will call now and leave them a message. Good, got a message in to them before they start casting anything.

Well, I am still trying to find out how to do videos on this site. I have been busy with many other things the past couple of days since I spent that 8 hours straight on it, it is just a matter of sitting down with some patience and time, Maybe right now is a good time to do a little before I take my night time meds and get my rest before the early am fest I love so much,

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