• Monday 8:59am

And then we went camping at Speculator, NY almost every summer. Sometimes we had a boat.

My sister Cindy a little older now, I'm not good at guessing ages, 11?

I had to come up with a pic for this post so I ran the video up some and took some pics with my Iphone app. Cindy died of a drug overdose May 19th, 2004. She was getting pills of some kind on-line spending hundreds of dollars a day. She knew she couldn't keep it up for long.

Well I solved the problem of the pumpkin pie. I thought they would be in short supply but it is early enough in the week that there are plenty. I reserved a 10" one at Hannaford to be picked up on Thanksgiving on the way to my mother's house for $5.47, regular $9.47. All is good.

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