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I finally know how to take a video, download it to the computer, upload it to the WIX site and publi

My Mother Florence and my brother Tony

There I am with my sister Cindy. The pictures are a little blurry because I took them off the TV I am using for a monitor in my office on my VHS to computer to DVD conversion which has been parked for a number of days now. I got the first batch of DVD's out to a bunch of people, I think about 15 packages I sent out.

So now the week is underway again. Thanksgiving week. I got no appointments other than my mother's house on Thursday and today I have 2 workers coming over. Dave the house mechanic and Phil the bull handyman. Dave is going to install 2-4' duel florescent light fixtures over the workbench in the rear of the garage. I have a light fixture that is loose in the bathroom hall and I want to see if he can install keyed alike locks on 3 of my entrance doors. I have been going without locking my doors for 20 years, but that is just asking for my sister Holly to pop in unannounced or worse. So locks it is. I am going to have Phil re bag them leaves that got run over during the mystery hit and then locate and dig a hole for the new sign post I am going to drive out and get this morning. I am going to set it well back from the road this time as these signs are not cheap to have made. I guess I will ask Phil to rake up the rouge leaves in the front of the house since he raked last too. After that, Phil can go to work organizing the tools and supplies in the garage. I hope he has a good time with that, he can think on his feet pretty good. He runs on coffee with half and half just light. They both are exceptional workers. It will be great to have the two joining forces in one day. It will be amazing what I can get done for a hundred bucks.

Hummm, 5:23am, let me see what time Lowe's opens. Nice, they open at 6am. I wonder how busy they are this time of day? All the traffic will be headed south and east towards Albany so that should not be a problem. I wonder if there is someplace I can get a nice pumpkin pie for my mother's house Thursday. Yea, that looks like it is going to be a problem getting a good one, you would have to order from them places ahead of time. Looks like it is going to be homemade from ready made pie crust and some kind of ready made filling. The home made thing about it is it comes out of the oven. Well, if I look today I might beat the crowd to the last of the goods in the stores. I suppose I could look online and see if I could add a little something to the ready made filling to make it a little more better. Well, it looks to me like its going to be a canned pumpkin filling, I will see what Hannaford has when I get there. They open at 6am also, I will stop there first so I don't have supplies in the bed of the truck on the way back while I am in the store. On the other hand, it is just going to be the 4x4 post... I'll see. Hi ho Monday!

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