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Phil the "Bull" handyman saves the day...

"Do you smell that too?"

"I know what you did last summer..."

Phil the bull handyman showed up on time around noon and started right in on taking the old lamp post out that got hit the other night. I was able to get a 4"x4" x8' treated post at Lowe's for 9 bucks and the top copper cap for about the same price. What a deal. Phil dug a hole 3 feet down in no time and did not hit any roots from the tree, only a big rock near the bottom of the hole that we let go. I got 2 bags of quick crete and after it set up, it is as solid as can be. Phil did all that in about an hour or so in his shorts in freezing weather... I did let him borrow my hat, his head was a little chilly. Phil proceeded to rake the all the leaves in the driveway, front lawn, side of house, back of house and pool deck area. After that, he hit the garage and started to organize all my tools and supplies I had piled up over the years. By the time 5pm rolled around, he was done with everything. I can't believe how fast this guy works.

Dave my house mechanic did not show late morning like he anticipated. A simple switch out of a circulation pump on a hot water heating system turned into an all day nightmare of power surges, burnout circuit board and whatever else happen to the poor guy. I spoke with him late afternoon and he was still up to his neck in it. He must seem confident because he said he would be over first thing in the morning to my house. He gave me some homework to do in the morning before he gets there. I need to look into if all the 3 door locks I want to get keyed alike will take the same manufacturer of lockset that I have for the front door. That way, I will buy 2 new locksets for the front and back garage doors and that will secure the house and give me all good working handles and locks that only use one key. That should not run too much money depending on where I have to buy them. I know I can get the lock cylinders keyed alike at Mangone's in downtown Troy for a reasonalble price, I just have to find out which manufacturers they can do it on. If they are priced within reason, I will even buy from Mangone's store they have with their shop there. They do a lot of work around the area, I have seen their trucks far and wide in my travels. They get paid well for their services.

Colleen and I got a set of DVD's recorded this afternoon in between a few other things that was going on. I was running a lot of things at once on the computer and wondering how much it acually can do at once. At one point I had a hard time pulling up my email account to do an outgoing email I wanted to send the company that is making my residence signs up I ordered on line last night. I followed up the online order with a call today and got much more specific about what the signs are going to be like and other fact. I am really excited about this, it is like a birth of a baby. I am thinking I want to get a sign for the hot tub area. I will look over the site tonight. Hummm, fun times are a coming. They have hundreds of signs to choose from or you can have anything custom made from a variety of materials at a very reasonable price. They are out of Pine, CO. I wonder what the weather is like there this time of year. Maybe after shopping for the sign, or before I start, I will get some DVD's going. They are like laundry, they can be going while you do other things. The most time consuming part is the first one taken from the computer file, that takes about a half hour or more to format. 11;11pm, ever here about that? I have heard people talk about the number 11:11 before. I don't know much about it, maybe I will research it some tonight, I am wide awake and I took my sleeping pill...

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