• Tuesday 5:31pm

Dave had it easier at my place today than he did where he was yesterday, but not without uncovering

I tried to feed him just enough not to give him the "tranquilized bear" effect on him at the end of the job.

Cajun spiced sliced pub steak with sweet red peppers and onions on a toasted roll with melted 5 blend cheese. Yukon gold potatoes with butter and half & half cooked and mashed with skins on. Cajun spiced fine cut coleslaw made with Heleman's mayo with a Vlassic polish dill pickle. My mother taught me to feed any workers that come to your house well. It is a bonus for the next time that person comes back to do more work for you.

I am glad that Dave checked the wiring coming into the light I wanted to use to connect to to service the new (2) 4' Duel bulb fixtures I wanted to install over the work bench that is across the back of my garage. Let me go take a pic since it is done now....

The light fixture above the 2 new ones you see on the wall is the one we hooked into. That is the one that was jerry rigged. It had appliance cord running to it from 20 feet away. If we did not change that out, it would have been a fire hazard. It was a fire hazard just by itself, but by adding the 2 more fixtures to it, there would have been trouble. I am glad Dave is some body that does things right. A lot of guys would just let it go or not even check it out enough to notice there was a problem. I hope I keep this house mechanic relationship hooked up for a long time. It turns out Dave is interesting to talk to too at different down times like eating or traveling the other day to my mother's house.

Dave got the light job done today and I got my 3 entrances installed with new keyed alike lock sets. For toppers, Dave took out a dimmer switch I had on my kitchen table lights that was making my lights flicker all these years and replaced it with a regular single throw switch just to complete the circuit. I operate the light from the entry to the kitchen. I decided to hand Dave a folded 5 pack of 20's before the meal I had ready for him. He did not count it, we just understood each other. He would have asked for a lot less but I have told him more than once he is a deal at twice the price. It cost a couple hundred bucks to have an educated experienced well equipped person just to show up at your house. Dave was there for hours and did 3 different jobs. I made out like a bandit.

So I went all L.E.D. light bulbs in my kitchen last night. My order came in from amazon. I got 14 bulbs for $46.00. I see them going for 8-12 bucks a piece in stores. I can light my whole kitchen up from corner to corner for about the equivalent of 1 100 watt bulb. I love it. Colleen says it gives her a headache, I told her it is for live people.

I like the whiteness of the light. It feels clean to me. I used 5 bulbs over the table and 5 over the counters with 2 over the stove. I put one outside in front of the garage and I have some spares. They are suppose to last 9 years with 3 hours use a day.

What I thought was the hot tub causing a $53.00 hike in electricity last month wasn't at all. I did not think so because we had it more than a month and it was only costing an extra dollar a day to operate. I realized that it is the fan to the radon abatement unit that runs 24 hours a day. Hummm, that is using 3 times more energy than keeping 500 gallons of water at 104 degrees... I learned that electric motors were expensive to run, I guess so.

I got my house signs ordered this afternoon. Last night I thought of the idea to have one made for the hot tub area. It is going to say "Stand by, relaxation and rejuvenation is in progress." It is going to be a side mounted sign 3' long with a mountain valley scene on top of the text plate. They really make some nice stuff at LCIsigns in Pine, CO. I can hardly wait to get the draft to approve in my email. They said it would come tonight. Time to do something else.

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