• Tuesday 4:15am

Oh yea, Mom made my day/week

We are still camping at Speculator in the early '70's

Taking these pics from old 16mm film to VHS to flat screen and then thru a smart phone app takes a little focus away, but makes it an interesting in its own ways too. My Mom was no more in her mid 30's here, half my age I am now...

Amid all the things going on today and as I wrote earlier, I forgot to mention a big phone call I got from my Mom last evening. It is still makes me feel dumbfounded with pleasure. I wrote her a letter last week and mailed it to her. She received and read it yesterday before she called me. I wrote her about Colleen and I going our separate ways and how I am staying here and she is going to buy her own house (hopefully her dream house). I will be making mortgage payments to Colleen out of the VA benefits fund and as my fiduciary, that would be going against the contract she signed to become my fiduciary. Namely, she can't receive any money directly to her in a payment form. So I had to find another person to become my new fiduciary. I was not sure my mom would do it but sure enough she called me up and said no problem.

The day is starting up, got to get going....

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