• Wednesday 4:01pm

After thinking things over and a little running around, I saved $336.00 today.

I didn't notice til this morning that the printer I ordered from amazon and is coming today isn't a color laser... So I will ship it back to them when it comes. I started to shop around to see if I could get a printer today and at the same price or better than amazon and I landed on Best Buy. That was this morning, before they opened up at 10am. I went to Walmart to bring back the cartridge I bought for the now dead printer. I decided to get the cat a new litter location in the garage since I am going to start keeping the back door shut and locked. I kept it open the cat's whole life and she came and went as she wanted to. So I got that and set it up for her near the door I use to keep open. I put a piece of firewood near there too because I seen her use wood in the woodpile to sharpen her claws. Long story short, she has been out there and has not used it yet.

Colleen had 2 appointments this morning so after walmarts, I headed to Best Buy in Cross gates Mall. I got there 10 minutes before they open. I got to save this and take a break, I am beat.

131/2 hours later I am back. I got so much done today. First about the printers. I bought the one at Best Buy on special as you can see from amazons price of $374.59 with the partial toner kits. I got both at Best Buy for $150.00, they had to call a manager to override the regular price that came up on the register. Once she did that, she took the $150.00 price tag off the printer and put it a slot in the cash drawer. I don't know if it was suppose to be a Black Friday thing or what, but they gave it to me for the 150.

When I got home I checked amazon prices on everything and found 2 of the cartridges is worth returning to Best Buy and buying from amazon, so I did that. I also found out about Lowe's having a 10% discount for veterans and I purchased a dryer a couple of weeks ago that is going to be delivered soon. All I had to do was go up to the store and show them my military ID and I get 10%. I also get 5% for using their card and I got the dryer on sale $149.00 off regular price, so I am really doing well on this dryer. Our last dryer was bought in '99, so not too bad.

I did a lot of specialty house cleaning last night and early am today. My oldest daughter Stacy and her husband Chris are coming up to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving and they might come over here for a while. I wanted things to look neat. Well, let me see how these hot tub pic came out posted bigger from last night. The steam was coming off pretty good and I wanted to try to capture it. It looked a little out of focus in the thumb nail.

Not too bad, the steam is showing, that is what I wanted. Time to have my 6am nourishment...

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