• Wednesday 6:15am

Good for the next 8 days...

I just love the whiteness of the l.e.d. bulbs I put in. I feel cleaner around them. Wednesday is rolling around already, it seems like I just started Monday. I got a solid order in on the property signs overnight using the website. I didn't know you could design your own signs on there, it was really cool to do.

My new L.A.Z.E.R. printer is coming this afternoon. I am so glad to get off of ink jet, it is so expensive if you print a lot of color and they plug up a lot. That is the problem I have had with the past 2 ink jet printers, they plug up so bad, you can't find where and get it unplugged. Well, no more of that.

This seems to be the best deal for me and my needs. It can't be as expensive to keep in toner as ink jet was to keep in ink. I got a back log of printing to do that needs to be mailed out. Because of the holiday, people won't be receiving their mail until the first part of next week. Better late than never as they say. Oooppss, just remembered something I got to check....

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