• Thursday, 10:00pm

Cleaned all morning, then Thanksgiving at Mom's house.

I don't know how I got started on it, but I ended up cleaning the cabinet outsides on the tops. I took down the curtains to wash them and Colleen cleaned the windows on the inside and I got the screens. We also cleaned out the light over the sink. The flies love getting up there and pooping all over. I had a new 4' bulb I bought for the storage room in the basement a couple of weeks ago and switched them out. The bulb over the sink has been burning for the 20 years, 2 months I have lived here. It looks better with the new bulb in there.

Colleen says she will get the bottom cabinets tomorrow. I would but it would get my back something bad. I called Dave the house mechanic a little while ago and we are on for around 9am tomorrow. Now lets meet my Mom, brother Joey and wife Patty, daughter Stacy and her husband Chris and good old Colleen.

Stacy and Chris are staying at my house tonight, Stacy just got in the hot tub by herself.

Chris on the left, Stacy above him, my Mom at the top, Joey and patty right.

My brother Joey getting into the mood to sleep....

This is Patty, my brother Joey's wife. She usually goes to most functions at Front Street. It was a small crowd for Thanksgiving, I have seen crowds in the teens and everyone sat and got fed somehow. Well, Stacy is out of the tub, I should see about getting in for my routine soon.

Joey getting ready to sleep, which he did plenty of just later.

My Mom is interesting to talk to, she has a lot of history.

There goes Joey, he was the background music for the videos found on the other part of this site.

I scoped out a couple of simple improvements my mother is going to really appreciate. I going to switch her over to LED lights in her kitchen overheads ( (4) 4' tubes) that will run whiter and brighter at only 18W each instead of 40W. I am also going to convert her addition/study room's overheads to LED's 100w equivalent running at 11w's ea. She has 5 lights out there. She likes to read her paper there and she likes white light too. Lastly but not least, I noticed when I cleaning up a large strainer in her kitchen sink that her sprayer is just about plugged right up. So that will be done the same day as the lights, I ordered a new sprayer kit for her. Dave the house mechanic should be in and out in less than 2 hours. He has to take the ballast out of the lights, I don't know how that goes.

Time to check on the videos, it is 2:52am Friday, I slept pretty good for a change, I should say long for a change. Let me go check the other side of this site...

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