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At the end of it all, I was smiling -and not because it was easy... not at all.

That was me just after the heater in the garage finally got it's leg's back after sitting idle for 20 years. It was quite an ordeal to trouble shoot the bear because there is nobody to talk to. Dave was on it for hours. He was in the service to the house, all through the basement then upstairs and all over the other side of the drop ceiling. Finally the mystery reviled itself and it was something simple. There was a kill switch located behind the heater that you can't see unless you go under it and look up. With that off, Dave could not figure out why he couldn't get power to the unit... Anyway, it is done now and it works great. I can do work in the garage this winter if I want. That is nice to have.

Dave's "last supper" as he refers to it. It was almost the same as the other day except I changed it up a little so it didn't get old. I used the same shaved pub steak's from Hannaford I defrosted out a 1.5 pound package of. I went through all the meat with the chef's knife and cut it up in small bits, placed in a large bowl and poured grape seed oil over to coat well. I mixed that well then placed a heavy coat of Cajun seasoning over the meat layer followed by a color change of garlic powder layer then the same with Italian seasoning. I then mixed them all together and put out in the garage for a couple of hours to keep cool. While that was marinading, I diced up 4 large sweet onions and red peppers along with a few stalks of celery into a large enough mixing bowel to be able to toss it all when you have diced it all, and there is a lot. I got a 19" stainless steel bowl from amazon that is great for things like that. Having a bowl like that is nice, you just have to have a place to keep it, I happen to do. To the vegetables I sprinkle 2 packets of Sazon by Goya seasoning evenly over and mix up until they blend and start to turn orange tint. The main thing Sazon has going for it is it has MSG in it. For some people it is no good, for the rest it is great. I then preheat the oven to 400 and got a large baking dish out sprayed it with an oil coating on the inside. When heated, I baked covered for an hour or until desired doneness of vegetables are achieved. It yields 6 large servings. I served Dave's over Thanksgiving leftover buttermilk biscuits I sliced in half and broiled the inside to brown before putting meat on top. I heat the meat/vege mixture in the microwave before I put it on the biscuits and then a generous amount of grated 5 blend cheese on top of it all. Then into the toaster oven (on broil) to melt it and get it GBD (golden brown and delicious).

I added Italian seasoning to the coleslaw this week too. I like it alright, nice for a change.

About the same time Dave was getting the heater fixed up and running, I was installing my new laser printer. It just got delivered an hour before that -the one from Best Buy. Everything was coming together nicely for the day.

I had to call tech support the install it, they don't give you much info at all in the box, I ended up talking to a Mario in Costa Rica, We got to talking and they just had a bad hurricane that flooded the valley badly. It looked like Katrina did.. I asked if he knew a number or address I could donate to help these people that got wiped out. He said the Redcross is helping and I told him I am already a regular monthly donator with them. I would want someone to help me with the basics if something like that ever happen to me. Everything, water, food, shelter... all gone.

Then Colleen's brother Tim showed up after Dave left and i fed him too. I wanted to get to the post office before it closed, but I can mail them today (Saturday) just as well.

I am very pleased with the printer. I still have a hard time believing I got it for $150.00. It is worth 3 times that.

I just got my prime membership extended for free by 1 month because a package was late and I reported it. I can do that up to 15 times a year. It could pay for my prime membership which is $99.00/year. They don't make any money on me as it is, I get free 2 day shipping on everything I order from them and I have ordered 174 packages in the last 6 months... I got a free month extension last night too. It don't happen unless you contact them and that is easy enough, it only takes a few minutes. It just keeps getting better and better...

Hummm, 4:21am, what to do.... I guess I could do some more work on the cabinets while my back doesn't ache that much right now. That liquid gold does a real nice job on the finish but it is a little work getting it on not to mention the proper prep of surface you are going to use it on.

The twilight zone is starting to happen... Just starting... The mornings are the best.

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