• Saturday 8:15pm

My Son Michael is coming to pick up his car and go to his new job

Colleen is picking him up at the airport, he is flying in from Asia someplace, I forget, he goes all over. He is getting a perminate posistion with the company he has been working through another company through for the last couple of years. Gobble Foundries in Malta, NY is the company that employs a few thousand people around here and I don't know how many around the world. Michael, my son, goes places they are installing chip manufacturing machines. That is about all I know. It seems to take a long time. He is getting home based in another state out west. He is moving everything out there. So I won't be seeing him very much anymore. I feel a little sad about that. Michael is a person that keeps to himself, he is not that outgoing. He is quite intelligent, more than he lets me know. He is not taking the news of Colleen and I splitting up that well. I don't know what else to do but say I am always willing to connect with him whenever he feels the time is right for him. I just put Mickey Gilley's pic up there for something to post, it was on the cable music channel I listen to when I started to write. 1981 is the year I got out of the Navy and met Colleen. Well, I expect Michael in any minute now. I will have to move my truck to let him get his car out of the driveway. I don't know how much will be said. I left him a best wishes and congradulatory card on the passengers side of his car. I hope he reads it. I am going to check out a web site for a while...

Well, he did not open the card and gave it back to me, so I am posting it here. Maybe he will read my blog someday.

I am guessing he never learned how to talk about what is bothering him. I never taught him any of that and as far as I know Colleen didn't either. He might pick it up later in life after he needs it and it hurts him somehow. People seem to wait for the pain before they change something. Sunday Morning 2:27am. I got a little rest and cleaned up the house some. So I am posting the card I made for Michael in case he reads it one day. I asked Colleen what did they talk about on the ride down here. Michael is still thinking the same thing now as when he went away in that, I am dangerous and I am going to hurt someone. I think he is making a generalized statement and has nothing to back it up. I am not driving around drinking like I have in the past. I think that he is going on some of experiences with me from his past. He is not giving me a chance in his eyes -and I can't do anything about that. I just have to accept he don't want to have anything to do with me now or in the near future. So be it.

I have reached my fill for now.

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