• Sunday 6:38pm

Neat containers from amazon

ground bay leaves in a can that dispenses

I am back on videos today after being away from it for a couple of weeks. I also got these stainless steel containers I am using to hold some ground bay leaves I bought on amazon. It came in an 4 oz. bag and I thought that was enough to share. I seen these containers on amazon for $2.00 a piece and thought how nice, between the cost of the container and spice, it is less than $3.00 per container. They are so nice too. They spin to a wide mouth opening or a smaller series of circles. You don't need much of these bay leaves if just cooking with them and removing them gives your food flavor. I made the labels up on my printer and used some tape to fasten them to the top. Yea, nice job, I couldn't have ordered a better product.

Colleen said she would be home around 6:30 to do videos with me... It is hard to plan anything with her.

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