• Wednesday, 5:31pm

Colored sweet peppers for $1.49/pound... they don't get any less expensive than that.

Half cut and wash 33 peppers.

Let them drain.

Set up work station for chopping.

Then half them again the other way and slice into strips.... In no time you got them done. Ready to be frozen. They freeze well for cooking. I like them with onions and beef or pork, very often lately.

So I decided to get a new freezer. Got a heck of a deal at Lowel's. I got the next to last day of the black friday deal (yea, til the Wednesday of the next week) The freezer originally listed for $699.00. Nice reviews, energy rated frost free stand up 16.5 cubic foot they were running for $497.00. So I used my Lowel's card, got another 5% on that and after the sale (can't do it with at the same time.. I don't know...) I used my military ID and got another 10% off. So I got the unit for $423.00. I don't think I could do better than that anywhere else. It only uses $53.00 of electric a day, that is about 7 cents.... If you can't find something to save money on for that much cost per day, something is wrong. So I bought it.

I had a spot in the garage that it fit right in.

LED lighting, nice shelving, plenty of storage.

I got these containers at the Dollar Tree for a buck each. They are perfect for my uses. Well, I am going to publish this because I wrote this twice yesterday it it deleted before I could publish it. Very annoying.

I got away with publishing that much... Whew. I ordered the unit on line and they said they had one in the Latham store that could be picked up right away. So I printed out a copy of the invoice and headed up there. When I got there they said it was a mistake and they did not have one there but they would call other area stores. Niskayuna showed 3 of them but when called on the phone and both me and the person working there patiently waited, found out one was damaged, one was the floor model and the other one couldn't be found. So they called Saratoga and we were on hold for some time. Wouldn't you know it but the power in the whole store of Lowel's went out and we were in the dark... Is there something special for or against me getting this freezer... The phone line stayed on as did the registers and a space heater that was in the office area there. I guess it was just all the lights went out for a few minutes. The phone call got hung up by the person on my side, for whatever reason, she could have stayed on. But she called back and got a lady worker at the service desk in Saratoga that took a phone sale and I headed up to get it. Exit 15 of the Norhtway, same exit I got my last cord of hardwood from for my fireplace. Something about that exit for me, let's see if it comes in 3's or not... Anyway, I got it and was back here by 5pm and I called Phil "the bull" handyman to see if he was available to help me unload it from my truck. He was and I did not even have to pick him up. He is friends with Colleen's brother Kevin and he has a vehicle and they were in it. I got home and got things ready for the move and buy the time I was ready, Phil and Kevin pulled up, right on time. It was about time for things to start working out that day. I had an old steel audio component cabinet that I wanted gone and I moved out of the way and towards the back of the truck to put it on once I get the freezer off. Colleen is back, time to finish paying this months bills off.

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