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Happy December Everybody! A lot coming up this month, let's get'er done...

1st of the month is now clean the tea kettle day.

It picks up cooking debris all month, if I do it once a month, it will be easy to clean and it will look good all month with easy touch-up wipe downs with regular cleanups from cooking. I did spend a little time on the bottom tonight. It was pretty black, so I took it out to the garage and hit it with the wire brush wheel I got on the grinder. Then I took it in the kitchen and rubbed some BRASSO on it. That stuff practically works on contact shinning copper. I got introduced to that in boot camp in the NAVY. We not used it for our belt buckles, we had to shine the pipes in the showers everyday. Best looking pipes I have seen since then.

Yesterday's little project I did, for the hot tub water maintenance.

Water clarifier is normally used on big swimming pools that pick-up dust and other dirt particles from the air and gets in the water and takes away from its purity and crystal clear natural look water has. It is used in small amounts, and what it does is cause the dirt/solids to flock together into bigger pieces so the filter can pick them up and remove them.

You can buy a quart of this stuff for 10 bucks on amazon and 1 ounce treats 5000 gallons of water. This is a concentrate for large pools, same stuff they sell for 20 bucks a quart for spas, but diluted down so it is easier to get a measured amount people can handle. I don't know how many treatments you get from the 20 buck bottles, but I can get 10 treatments from 1 oz of this stuff... It is a lifetime supply and I can make up my designer dropper bottles and give them away as gifts for a long time from this bottle.

I put the clarifier in these bottles I get from using SweetLeaf (shown in back) which I use for my ice tea I drink so much of everyday. The SweetLeaf is made from pure extract of the Stevia plant from Africa. It is natural sweetner and has 0 calories and does not mess with your glyco levels like other artificial sweeteners do. Anyway, I recently started using this and getting dropper bottles from it. I was doing the water clarifier with a measuring spoon. The best I could figure with the size spoons I had was (3) 1/8 tsbs for the 500 gallons in the hot tub. I was doing that and it was ok, got to bring the bottle, the spoon, then measure and rinse the spoon each time, then clean up the spoon and put it all away because it is no good if you let it freeze. So I got the idea to use the dropper bottles I was starting to get built up. I cleaned them out good, picked out some clip art from my greeting card program of outdoor sunsetting field and printed up a label for it. I have a tape gun with 3' shipping tape which fit what I wanted it for perfectly. It took me two shots to get the clip art "Close enough for Government work" as we use to say back in the day. So I would rather put this bottle in my back pocket, unscrew the top and count out 70 drops than all what I just described. I have gotten good at counting drops fast as I use 24 in a serving of my ice tea several times a day. I do 12, reload the dropper and 12 more. It goes fast. I sent one via mail to Jeff @ concord pools. We have gotten a little email relationship going since I got my tub. I had questions and other things have come up too. I have never met him in person but he is in charge of the hot tub section as well as a few other hats he wears around there.

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