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Old property sign got hit, Drafts on new ones are in!

Cindi of LCIsigns took the creative lead and I think it is perfect the way it is now. She took some things out and put other in. I love it. This is the one that is going to be on the front lawn (set in a distance this time). The sign is 3 feet long from the post to the end. I picked the Mountain Buck scene for the top of the sign because I will be living alone and I have always had a thing for deer, among other things, they are so graceful when they run. They don't worry where the next leap is going to land them, they just take the leap and gracefully and effortlessly fly thru the forest. They land each leap firmly and take the next one right away if they want to. I remember one time when I was serving at Camp David during the Carter administration as a member of the ground maintenance crew, we were having trouble with the deer that got on base (some of the Marines of gate security was afraid of the deer and let them get in the open gate... yes really, a deer) and the deer had a taste for flowers that we planted near the presidential cabin area. I forget what kind they were, but I do remember they cost $1600.00 back then and that was a big chunk of change even for the presidential resort to take a loss on. The deer enjoyed them very much... So an undertaking was planned to remove the deer from the fence enclosed grounds of the camp perimeter. The area was a rectangular mostly wooded fenced in with 2 gates at either end. One gate was just a small serivce gate large enough for a full size truck to pass, and the other is the main gate which is double car lengths across -one side being kept closed all the time and the other open with a sentry shack there. That is where the deer would walk up and "some marines" were too afraid to shoo them back into the forest on their side of the gate. So there were some deer on base we wanted to get out because of their expensive eating habits. The power that were decided to call a base wide manpower effort which was under a hundred people and most of them were Marines for security. So we all lined up at one end of the compound in the wooded area within eye and ear shot abreast of each other and began to move across the length of the enclosure. The idea was to flush the deer towards the main gate and as we got closer, tighten up and force them to go out. Well, the deer had other ideas about this. We caroled them into a small area alright, and then when they had enough of our games, they simply started to run towards us like they didn't have a care in the world. When they got to us, they simply leaped gracefully over our heads and disappeared into the woods back in the area we just cleared... I'll never forget how beautiful they did that, like it was nothing for them. So I like to think of myself as the deer when I need to be. If people try to corner me into something I don't want to do or some situation that I don't like, I just gracefully and peacefully leap over their head and go on about my own business leaving them to start all over what they were trying to do to me -if they want to bother trying to do it again...

Here is the post ready for the sign when it comes. Phil "The Bull" handman will be out all winter in shorts and like it. Got to keep that head covered though.

This is the sign I am having made for the front and garage entrances. It is 18" long with a mountain and forest scene going on. I am really getting excited about these.

This one is going to hang near the hot tub, it is a 3' sign with the mountain/forest scene happening. All this is coming in less than a month if I get things going in the next couple of days.

Well, I got an appointment to get my truck checked out to see if that oil was coming from my truck or what... I don't know how else it could have gotten there. I am going to get it washed and take it for a highway ride and park it at the shop for 15 minutes at least to see what happens. My original warrentee runs out on the 3rd and today is the 1st. I bought a 6 year, 60,000 miles warrentee for after that, but if I don't use it, I will get my money back at the end of the period. So here we go...

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