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What the Truck is going on here...

$48.95 synth oil change... I hope this was above the board. $3.38/L?

Well, all is well that ends well. My truck did have an oil leak, but it was not the major one that was staged in my driveway, the oil filter was loose from the last person who changed the oil... That is the rainbows I was seeing under the truck the rainy days. I figured that Monro Muffler (dogs in Latham) did a sloppy job putting in the oil because the engine is high and hard to get to. As it turns out, he did not tighten the oil filter up enough and it got loose and started leaking whenever. They also failed to notice I need a new air filter which was brought to me for visual inspection at the RAM dealership at Goldsteins in Latham. They also did 25 point inspection of major moving parts ect. a vehicle has:

It is the basic "once over" to check for something starting to go before it leaves you on the side of the road someplace when you find out. Before I get into my staged oil leak in my driveway (yea, I figured it out -the truth always comes out), I want to say if it were not for the staged oil leak, I wouldn't have gotten a good check-up, new air cleaner and fresh oil for the winter at a price I feel someone is loosing money on. The labor charge was only $18.95 which is low for a service garage. Just about any garage gets around a hundred bucks an hour I would think. Well, I am not going to complain, but I do think there might be a mistake on the oil price of $3.38/L is very low for syth oil although they did recommend coming back for a change in 3000. Perhaps the grade is not the highest. For the amount of miles and time that goes by before I put 3000 miles on, it is probably a good idea to get fresh oil in it for 50 bucks... Plus I get everything checked out again... I think it is a good habit to get into. So with the new air filter, my cost was just over 85 bucks. I was very pleased with that. I paid nearly that at Monro Muffler for my last oil change and got screwed. I will let them know about it when I get time. I got a lot of things going on. Now a story of my neighbor who has "a problem" He will remain unnamed here because I am going to assume I don't know which one of my neighbors is doing these things to me. So I am not going to name names, he/she knows who they are.

I will go back to a problem I just got resolved with my hot tub which I got a few months ago. I have it just outside my back garage door.

Over to the left is a breeze way between the mechanical room for the pool and the end of my garage. It is a walkway in which you can see "one" of my neighbors chainlink fence and kitchen window. The very right side of my hot tub is visible to this, so I put a shower curtain up shortly after we got the hot tub -just for privacy. I started to notice that the curtain would be open every time I would go to use the tub... I was thinking, humm, that means someone is coming on my property and doing this. I let it go for a while then when the leaves started to fall, I decided to approach one of my neighbors for help on finding out who might be doing it. This one I won't mention by name either, he knows who he is. I placed a nice card in his mailbox asking if he could look into who might be playing with the curtain. I told him I did mind closing it every time I want to use my tub, but with the leaves falling, the leaves are going to get in the breeze way and make the clean-up more difficult. Going even further than that, the winter snows mean I have to shovel a path to the curtain to keep closing it... Well, the curtain not only kept getting opened, but it started to get opened up while we were IN THE TUB. All my wife seen from her side of the tub was a hand and it startled her. I yelled "please keep it shut." It didn't help, it kept up. So I had a wooden gate built.

I went up to Lowel's and got the section of fence for 40 bucks, hardware about 10 and Dave the house mechanic built it as part of a $60.00 afternoon her was here... I like the gate better than the curtain. Thanks neighbor, you are a good egg, whoever you are.

Now I am not sure, but it might be the same neighbor that was doing the curtain as is now doing oil spills in my driveway. This is the first time and I don't know what he/she means or wants me to think about this. The new dryer is here, I am publishing this before it freezes or gets oil on it.

11:39am Well I have a dryer that works automatically again after I don't remember how long now, and the old one was running on one heating element... done, past, moving forward.

So like the ocean's of the 70's, I am suddenly having trouble with oil slicks... I should mark down when these are occurring, I will remember the first one at the end of November. It was a double slick, two puddles of brownish gear oil looking but not as thick. The puddle in the back of my truck was centered about 18" behind my trailer hitch. That made me wonder because I always pull up to the same spot, my trailer hitch would not leak oil... The puddle in front was centered more towards my front bumper and that one made me want to get the truck checked out. My factory warranty was going to run out the following day or the next. I had bought another to take me thru 12/2/20 but I don't want to use it because if I don't, I will get my money back at the end of the covered period. I just want to have it in case something happens major, it's not likely. But my friendly neighbor didn't know he was helping me out again. By getting me up to get the truck checked out, I found the leaking oil filter and dirty air filter crap job Monro did. I feel better about the winter now and I got a great price on the job somehow. I am just wondering if these oil slicks are going to continue. I don't understand the message. I am going to leave it alone for now, it is cleaned up and I raked the leaves up that were in my driveway. It looks better than before the oil incident. He must be proud of himself.

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