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Last day of sale, Let's cook some ahead

I just got back from shopping and well, cruising for the fun of it. I went to the Hannaford's in Clifton Park and Latham. As it turns out, I could have got all I wanted at the Latham Hannaford, but it was a nice morning for a drive. I got 30 red, 30 orange and 30 yellow peppers, 20 big red onions, 9 pounds of sweet onions, and 3 bunches of celery. I am going to cut that all up and see how much meat I want to get (how many servings I can get). It is the last day of the sale on the Pub style steaks at Hannaford today. The Butcher opens at 6:30, so anytime after that.

Saturday 10:51am Well, all my trips are done now and I am ready to start cooking. I have (10) 15 pepper batches to do today. I have everything set up and ready to go.

150 colored sweet peppers

33 large red onions, 9 pounds of sweet onions.

15 pounds of shaved pub steaks

48 single serve containers

batch of peppers ready to go, box in bottom of can to save on the back...

1 quart of coconut oil

desired seasonings

The secret is in the seasoning and the big mixing bowl helps a lot for distributing it.

I use 1 1/2 pounds of steak each batch. I put the burner on medium low in a non stick deep sided pan you can stove top with. Add 3 ounces of coconut oil and put the meat pile so you can use 2 spatulas to break up the meat so there is no big pieces. It takes a few minutes but it is worth it. Once you got all the meat broke apart, coat all the meat in the oil that is in the pan. Spread the meat out in an even layer and get ready to season. On the meat, only use the Italian, garlic and Cajun seasoning. Shake each seasoning on the meat til you get a color change. Do all 3 layers at once, then mix everything up with the spatula til it is absorbed. Turn the heat off and let set until the vegetables are ready to combine.

Now the vegetables, a good sharp knife is essential. I got a Zelite infinity last year and I never looked back. It is a Japanese made 67 layered high carbon steel made using liquid nitrogen cooling. It holds an edge very well. I only use a ceramic sharpening stick on it each time I use it. I don't don't know how they can make them and sell them for around $125.00.

I think it is a good investment if you like to cook.

So cut up the pepper, onions and celery into bite size pieces and then put them in a big mixing bowl. I got this 19" one which I find very useful for a lot of things since I got it. It was under 20 bucks on amazon.

Now is the time to put the Sazon on. For this amount, I am using 6 packages. They recommend 1 package per 2 servings. It has MSG in it, so I don't want to go too far. I put some on, mix and repeat til I have it all on.

Then darken it with Italian seasoning and mix that in. It will bake in nice.

Add the meat mixture and mix that in. This is where you will be glad you broke up the meat into small pieces. It gets around.

Put them in shallow baking pans and into a 400 preheated oven for about 35 minutes. See if it is how you like it done. If not, leave it in longer.

Now I just have to do this 9 more times and I will be done...

I thought I would get 12 servings, got 13.75 12oz servings out of that batch. Back to Dollar tree for more containers, I need over 130 now. I don't know how many more of these I will do today, my back is taking it from cutting.

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