• 4:33am Monday

OK, I did 9 batches and got done fairly early Sunday evening.

I got about 120 single 12.5 oz. individual servings in there and I still have room. I still one big shelf and about 1 3/4 door shelfs open. I am glad I only did 9 batches, it worked out to be a good amount to freeze. So I can say I got peppers.

The bigger containers are halfed peppers. I wonder when I will see that price and quality again? I will be ready for it, I think I will still like colored sweet peppers. Colleen helped me with the last few batches or I think I would have been at it til after midnight.

These are the 2 pans along with a regular baking pan that I used. I have some coming from amazon but they did not make it on time for this project. These cleaned right up after I soaked them with good old Dawn. I am going to save these pans again, you never know.

While I stopped in to Hannaford Sunday morning for a supply I ran short on, a lady was looking at the house plants and got me interested. I seen this one and thought it would be a nice touch for the "everything" table. It fits the window nice. It will get morning light there. 5:04, time for the last coat of Quick Shine in the living room. That stuff is excellent and it last a good long time.

Looks wet now, looks wet later.

I just walked across this to take this pic. I also picked up this clock Sunday at Walmart. I put it at the rear entrance to the house, it comes right into the office.

I like the style of it, the size and the wording on the face.

Love home, Live Love. For $18.95 I went for it for my home office. I like my home to speak to me and others when they are in in.

6:38am It snowed out. I didn't know that was coming. I'm glad it was just a coating. I am putting off that first big snow fall, I'm just resisting it a lot. I got the house in pretty good order for the week coming up. I don't like starting with a messy, unorganized house. It just goes downhill from there. I got no appointments until Thursday. Looks like I am going to get some projects done this week. There are the videos. It is so hard to restart them once I take a break from them for whatever reason, but it would be nice to have them done for Christmas.

I like this song and Loretta Lynn's music and lyrics a lot. Time to do something else.

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