• Wednesday 1140am

The pans came the day after I was done

Aren't these nice for $16.00 each? I don't know if I will ever use the racks but they came with it. I think these 2 pans would have covered my 3 I was using this past weekend. I checked them out and they fit nicely side by side in the oven. With my freezer stocked up so full, I don't know when I cook with both of these together, but I may use one sometime soon.

Snow again this morning, It did not last long, it is gone now.

The thermometer reads about 40 there and about freezing in the pic above. That reminds me, it is the 7th and I have not did the filter maintenance this month yet. I got to get to that before dark.

My sister Holly and I got together yesterday after a period of having some outs between us. In the interest of keeping things working well again, I am not going to say who did what wrong to who, It is water under the bridge. What is important is we are talking and civil to each other.

5:44pm I am back from the tub maintenance, the filters now are soaking and all the water level are correct. publish

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