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5 card 2 deck reading

These are divining cards from 2 different decks. I have had the smaller deck, the Allister Crowely Tarot deck since later part of the 1980's. I can't seem to find my text book on the deck, but the death card does not have to mean the physical death of someone. It could mean the death of something, the coming to the end of something. In order for something new to start, something completely different than the last thing, the last thing must die and pass away. I see that to be the living arrangement with Colleen. The time is coming for me to live alone. Just as soon as I can get the paper work for the fiduciary lined up. I am looking forward to living alone. The amount of time Colleen and I spend together when she is here and not in her "lounge" living room distraction area, we don't get along... She don't like the things I like, I don't want to go into all the mechanics here. 35 years ago I wanted something much different in a partner than I do today. I changed and she didn't.

The Love card indicates a the possibility, more like probability of a union of great forces. For me, I am not going to think about that right now. I got too much going on and I am just getting to know myself really. But then again, a Soul mate... If that came along, it may be irresistible and undeniable. I guess I will know if it happens.

The other 3 cards are from the deck of Angel Blessings. I got them many years ago but never spent much time with them. They came in a very impressive box, very ornate. In fact, I have not even read the meaning of one of these cards in over 3 years and before that I don't recall.

First up is:

When reading cards, it is important to study the drawing itself and its symbols. Often, almost always, the book will explain the same. I have not read the text yet, I am going to read the pic first.

My first thoughts are there are a group of angels gathering to what seems to be "receive" from the left. I can make out 9 angles, the completion number as is 36 when the 3 and 6 are added together. The left is the receiving side and this indicates much abundance, 9 angels worth coming in. As I look closer, they seem to be celebrating something too, a couple of them have something they seem to be pointing towards the receiving area. OK, now the book.

skip 114 to 113 and then come back to 114.

now skip down to 115, ending page.

all the way back up 2 to page 114...

Middle card, 27 Micah, where I have been keeping a spare key I was going to leave outside while I was not here the other day. I have been just leaving it there since then. It matches my truck set well.

27 in numerology also adds up to 9, the completion number. That is 2 cards with 9's. I am in a period of bringing things to a completion something I have been working on, maybe big and for a long time.

On this card, the young man is glowing with the radiance of transformation. Everything is easy for him, he is lucky it seems because along with knowledge, transformation brings great powers with it for a time. On the young mans left, his receiving side, he is receiving guidance from an older man with wisdom and pure intentions for these matters (indicated by his halo). His left arm is in a sling as to not receive any other than his own knowledge at this time. At the young mans right foot looks to be a sentry or person in the role of authority guiding or making clear his way stepping forward in the physical world lawful world he lives in. The young man appears not needing much attention to his physical travel because of the help of the authorities. All of this is under the cloak of the card "Divine Plan". This is something bigger than me, I am just willing part in the unfolding of what was meant to be. I have been sensing and waiting a long time for this too.

Now the book:

This couldn't be more right on for me. I do have to keep in mind that it is important how I do things and its not what I do but how I do it that counts.

Now this card...

Here we have a person fully physically sexually developed and somewhat modest about being naked. She covers her outgoing breast with one hand and with her receiving hand, covers her genital area with her hear hair which is very long indicating much wisdom and perception about other people. She stands in a large shell representing protection from others, this shell could be the form of excess body fat which is the case for me. To her right, her outgoing side are people of both sexes, each looking to have different ideas about the situation. She is not sure about what kind of activities they are interested in, some don't seem appropriate to what she has in mind for a love making session. Making love is a lot more than the physical act of sex, and most people have never been past that point. She is patiently waiting for the right time and person to come together for a special encounter.

Now lets see what the book has to say:

That was more than I thought. Well Dave is here and I have to get to the hardware store...

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