• Saturday 1:42am

I got a new buddy...

I also replaced the 4' florescent light tube with an energy efficient an LED one. It is twice as bright and cost 46% of what the florescent one did. I got this new plant at Hannaford yesterday eve

Then I noticed how the ceiling light fixtures seemed to absorb a lot of the light on the insides. There was nothing in there to reflect the light back out, they were designed to hold flood lights that did not use the inside of the fixture. So I thought "how could I use foil on the inside that would not only look alright but last for sometime. As I was playing around with the foil and first, "regular" invisible tape and right away went to the double stick tape which made much more sense. I cut some widths of foil as they come off of the roll long enough to, -long story short, I lined the inside of the fixture and it can be like that for a long time.

See, the edge is folded and lined up nice with the edge of the rim. I just took this with the light off and a flash light shinning on it. I used two pieces on the inside to make up the inner circle. The double stick tape holds them up there good. Even if they get dirty, they will be good for years, they don't get touched. I not only amuse myself, I impress myself sometimes. By the time I got to the 5 light, I was a champ at it. 4:40am.

You are looking at 33 watts of power consumption...Well, the light over the curtains is playing too. Only seeing half of that, that is another 9 watts. It is efficient enough that I leave them on when I am in my office. I like seeing the room lit up when I come into it, the counter side is enough to do the whole room.

Now what to do...

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