• Saturdaynight 9:58 pm

My brother Nicky and his family is coming from Southern Jersey

I have been meaning to make up these spice containers I am putting together to give out as Christmas gifts to people I know.

I got the containers on amazon. I saw them after I bought 4 ounces of ground bay leaves from amazon. When I seen how much that is I thought I will never use that much and ran into these neat containers. They are stainless steel with a see thru lid, magnetic bottom and they twist to dispense small amounts thru small holes or larger amounts thru a large slotted hole.

Just 8 Rosemary, 1/2 ounce each. That will last a long time. Then a little piece of tape on the seem so it don't come apart and get just everywhere.

I got 16 of the Bay leaf to do. I am not feeling tired either. I might take a ride to the 24 hour Walmart and get my mother some Quickshine floor cleaner. She likes using Quickshine too and she don't know about the cleaner yet. She is having everyone over tomorrow. My brother comes up at least twice a year. I will be putting pic and videos on here tomorrow night.

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