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New and final proofs are done and signs are being manufactured...

The same as the last proof except for the Seabee logo. I have never seen anyone with these on their sign. I only know one attorney, Michael Feit, who use to have a sign on his house when he retired from law practice to write novels. I guess I got the idea from him, although I am not an attorney. I do have an office. So I have my name outside my home? I don't see any problem, but we will see.

I got a couple more lights installed for the hot area. Here is the one that is going to shine on the sign that is going on the corner behind it.

Dave the house mechanic worked over 7 hours here yesterday. He got 2 difficult light installations in and a few other jobs I had for him. I got another one I am trying to figure out just what is going on it. It is a welcoming, mood enhancing entrance sign to the tub itself. I got a couple of people thinking about this one.

So I want to do a card reading on what I need to get going on to move along getting this house to myself. I am going to use the:

A woman is on her knees looking to be begging for forgiveness for something she has done. It must be something very troubling to get on your knees. The woman in the middle is receiving the kneeling woman's pain through the left -receiving side- of her body and passing it through hers and out through her right -outgoing- side of her body to a slate which appears to be wiping clean the record of any misdeeds. This reminds me of the role the Catholic priest play in their ritual of confession. One person goes to another to tell their shortcomings who is suppose to act as a mediator between you and God to make your slate clean again.

The only thing going on with me and forgiveness right now or lately is to do with my wife and kids. For anyone looking in here who has not read my Blog from the start of a couple of months ago, this is the first period of time in my adult life that I have quit drinking or smoking pot that I have not felt like I was missing out on something and I am enjoying my life sober since 2/10 of this year. I have done a lot of things because of daily use of alcohol and drugs has caused me and my close family problems over the years and that kind of thing can't be fixed up overnight. So I am dealing with looking for forgiveness from my kids mostly. I am doing fairly well with Stacy and Jaimie but Michael won't let me contact him which makes it hard to explain myself. With him traveling the world with his job and home base living in another state, I don't know when I will get to contact him. I have to let that go for now and leave it to God.

Here is the book's description of the card:

Hard to read here but this is my next step card:

Here I see a young man who appears to be hunting. He looks like he is reaching forward to get something from another person, perhaps something a little complicated to better use his weapon. For the most part he looks to be working alone. He has his wings.

The writer that describes this card certainly knows about what an ideal Soul mate working relationship is like, I have been wanting that since I identified such a thing somewhere around 3 decades ago. Just like the ideal home and office, it takes time to come. I believe it is coming for me at some point in my life and that will really enhance the rest of my life. Right now I am in the stage of ending the living arrangement. It could be a lot worse, it could be messy and violent but it is not. We both have made plans to take up living separately. I am going to pay her off for what she has invested in this place and I will keep it, she will get her own place pretty much the way she wants it too. I am pleased with it. I just want to get it moving, that is the purpose of this card reading: what to do next...

Here I go, what do I need to let go of:

This card shows an attractive woman with an angel on each shoulder attending her. I don't know how beauty could be getting in my way except to say I don't think that I am. I am overweight an considerable amount and I am nearly 60 years old. The flesh is not my best asset but what I guess this card is telling me is to love and respect what I do have. I have quit smoking since 2009 which is something I did since 1972. I most recently I quit drinking which was slowly and nearly quickly killed me 3 times. I am in pretty good shape for what I have put myself through in 42 years of nearly daily drinking. So I am not sure of what I am suppose to let go of with beauty but I will keep it in mind.

This is card 4, the gift:

22 is a master number in numerology because it brings the powers of the 2 2s together. When adding and calculating in numerology, you don't reduce master numbers down until the very end. As far as truth goes, Colleen really doesn't like how truthful I am. Well, I guess I could say things in a less direct way but she misses things anyway I say them if I am not direct with her. My point is, a long time ago I took up bullshitting people with telling impressive lies about myself and it was so hard to remember what I told who ect. that I gave it all up. Now I tell it like it is. I call them like I see them. I have to be careful with that because just the other day I was going into a court house that had a metal detector and the cop running it was reeking of alcohol and I almost said,"whew, smell that alcohol?" He would not have liked that. I have done that kind of thing. Drinking around the clock sucks. Low energy, bad buss... all around suffering.

I think I am pretty aware of my feelings for a number of years now. I at least try to identify them. Sometimes when I get a negative thought about something and it causes me to feel a certain way. I notice it and say to myself, Donald, this has nothing about what is really going on right now. These are old feelings going on. It helps to realize this. A lot of mental illness is just having bad thoughts all the time and with them come bad feelings. Yesterday I was getting a stomach ache and wondering if something was going on with me physically or mentally.

Here comes the gift... a new friend would be nice.I

I have been seeking knowledge of myself and the outside world with great interest since 1976 when I did not understand what was going on with myself. Up til 1984, I did not know about all the new age and occult type, psychic and philosophy ways. I studied hard in the mid 80's til early 90's, that is why I still retain some of what I learned back then. I learned there is a lot more to this life than meets the eye and God is alive and in every part of everything. Go to www.thegreatleap.me for more if you want more of that. Let's see what the card person says about the card:

Talking about books you can read to help heal yourself reminded me of Louise Hay's book:

She IS my favorite teacher ever. I ran into her in 1985. She has the most supportive voice on her CD's she does for meditations and other things. She is all over amazon. Check her out, you won't be sorry. She just had her 90th birthday a few weeks ago. YEA, tell me she isn't doing something right.

Well, it is nearly 1:pm and there is a couple of little projects I think I will do over at my mother's house. I still got to put them filters back in the hot tub before dark.

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