• Monday 4:01am

I went on shopping trip before my mother's house yesterday

Price Chopper has their deals from time to time, that is the only time i use them. This week it was Helmann's mayo, I was down to 1 quart and I was going to hit 3 PC's on my collection trip yesterday morning. This was part of the good deal, 3.99 for Helmann's and you get the rotisserie chicken free with it. PC had onions and carrots on for .50 cents per pound, so I grabbed a sale of that at each PC (4lbs onions, 4lbs carrots). Long story short, I am cooking again. But first the snow!

I am ready for the snow they are calling for any where from 3 to 8 inches overnight.

I checked this baby out and started it up and ran it down the driveway and back, checks out good to go.

You steer with paddles under the handles to make is easier to move this beast around.

Now let's cook the sales...

4 pounds of carrots peeled.

Then chop them up about the same size pieces in our good'ol mixing bowl.

Now get ready 4 pounds of onions, not as pleasant to do, especially the cooking onoins. Peel and chop up about same size pieces and mix together. They will break up with mixing.

Add enough oil of your choice to coat well the vegetables so the seasonings will stick and it also gives it flavor and is good for you. I put this on defrost in microwave til liquid.

There should be enough oil to make it shine and leave a little on the pan while mixing. The seasoning will pick this up when you add it next.

This batch I am using these. I might use garlic powder on the next one.

I go for a color change when I season a dish. Your mileage may vary. Then mix and let that oil hold it to the vegetables for cooking...

Here is where I spend the money. $4.49 per package, I am using 2 8oz ones. If I am going to be eating this often, I don't want to be eating a lot of meat. This is pretty good tasting. I chop it up and mix it in last since it is seasoned already.

Pan up and place in a preheated 400 oven for 50 minutes or until carrots are tender.

Makes over 9 12.5 oz servings. I am going to do 2 more batches.

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