• Tuesday, 3:52 am

I got another addition to my plant family yesterday out of the blue (white really,end of snow storm)

It is tough to decorate over the "everything" table, but there has been an empty hanger I have not had a plant on since 3 years ago last time. I was up in Latham yesterday morning just after it stopped snowing from the night before. I had just left the Hannaford and was past the 4 way stop at the Latham Farms intersection and it occurred to me to see why kind of hanging plants they had at the Hannaford I just left. So I drove to the McDonald's and turned around and went back. This plant caught my eye, it was about the same size as the one I got last week, and it does match pretty good.

I like that the new one is a little larger and lower. It can be in that window and not effect the view I need out the first window. Thursday Phil "the Bull" handyman is coming over for a session of work (for him that is a solid 5 hours). One of the things I want him to do is clean these windows. It has been years since he did them last. It really makes a difference in the mornings when the sun comes up in those windows.

Batch #3 since yesterday of carrots and onions is cooled off and ready to dish out into individual containers. I am taking my time with these, one more batch and I am good. I am just making up 40 this time. Those cooking onions are rough at times during the peeling mostly. Maybe I will take a sleeping pill now and see if I can sleep some before all the wheels start turning again. I got nothing on my calendar. I wonder how my sister Holly made out with her kitchen lights getting rewired...

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