• Tuesday, 7:20pm

I sent out for sign estimates on the tub entrance sign.

I looked over about 10 companies online and only found 2 that are building custom signs like I want. I did not see LCIsigns on there. I put the info in to both of them, I should hear back tomorrow or so.

I did run into another company that I ordered a plate to be made for my mother, her row building she lives in.

Her's will say Jannicelli and spring, 1957. I thought it would be perfect for the building she lives in. It is a brick row house from the 1800's. It should be here before Christmas. I think she will like it.

Other than that, today has been blah. I got one more batch of carrots and onions to do, I have been avoiding that because of back pain, I 'll get it tonight. I think I will water my plants and get ready for my tub routine.


The last batch of carrots and onions are coming out in a few minutes and while they are cooling, I am going to take a little ride to the Halfmoon Walmart and get a soap duty sponge mop. Yea, I like to ride.

Alrighty then...

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